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  • SPURS- Man City (h)= WIN / Everton (a) = DRAW
    Man Utd (h) = LOSE / Arsenal(a) = LOSE
    Bolton (h) = DRAW / West Ham(a)= DRAW

    ARSENAL- Man Utd(a)= DRAW/ W.B.A (h) = WIN
    Man City(a)= WIN/ Spurs (h) = WIN
    Pompey(a) = DRAW/Sunderland(a)=WIN
    Wigan (h) = WIN

    Arsenal = 70 PTS
    Spurs = 61 PTS

    im afraid my predicitons means arsenal will finish well above us. whats everybody else's total pts prediciton?

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    • i wasnt spot on but i got it right that arsenal would finish above us whereas the rest of u thought we would hang on.no need to congatulate me, i put it all down to my realism & not getting carried away!

    • So, 'whenicomearound', have you decided to change your thoughts on 4th spot yet? For a Spurs fan you haven't posted that many positive posts about Spurs. You seemed took the oh so negative view that we would not even manage to finish 5th, and we just finish above Bolton in 6th.

      I think it's time you started talking up the team and their cahnces rather than your current stance.

      My prediction in the thread above was:-

      Spurs' run-in - Man City - H (Win), Everton - A (Draw), Man U - H (Loss), Bolton - H (Win), West Ham - A (Win). Arsenal (Draw)

      The Gooners - Man U - A (Loss), West Brom - H (Win), Man C - A (Draw), Sunderland - A (Win), Wigan - H (Win), Spurs (Draw), Portsmouth - A (Draw).

      So we have one game left to secure 4th, I see no reason why we cannot win that and finish above the gooners, no matter what they do.

      Regarding your retort to my prediction in the thread above, I'm proud to be a biased Spurs supporter. The only thing I got wrong in my prediction so far is that we beat Everton, when I thought we would draw.

      So, have you changed your mind yet??

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      • spurs4ever, the reason i have been negative is because i see us as an unlucky team & what with injuries we have now being picking up with king,jenas,mido & now keane so i thought without them id form would dip.i think we were very lucky to beat bolton & if anything we got some luck with the blatent dawson foul, bolotn hitting the post etc & usually we dont get the luck & if we hadnt we would have drawn which was my prediction.just goes to show how much luck there is in sport.if the ball had gone in off the post & they got the penalty they deserved we would have actually lost.u have been doing better with the predictions althou i do think arsenal will beat man city. i expect arsenal to win there next 2 games so we got to win at west ham.i think we will draw or win but il feel a lot more confident if keane plays!im hoping they rest players for the final.

    • if you reaaly think this is how it will finish your not a true YID, keep your incorrect predicitions to yourself

    • iv only got 2 out of 6 wrong actually. we lost today, king is out for rest of season, we got arsenal away next,only 1 pt ahead when they win their game in hand, they have a easier run in than us. its all over, we will do well to get 5th spot.

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      • My prediction is going ok so far, except that we beat Everton, so I'm 2 pts to the good.

        (from thread above)... "Spurs' run-in (excluding the Derby at Highbury):- Man City - H (Win), Everton - A (Draw), Man U - H (Loss), Bolton - H (Win), West Ham - A (Win). If we can play like we were earlier in the season, I think that is not a totally implausible set of results and gives us 10 Pts from 5 games, taking us to 65 Pts. Sure - I know that we can lose every game too.

        The Gooners (in my same prediction of results) would get:- Man U - A (Loss), West Brom - H (Win), Man C - A (Draw), Sunderland - A (Win), Wigan - H (Win), Portsmouth - A (Draw). This gives them 11 Pts to add to their 53, giving them 64 Pts. And yes, I know they can win every game too."

        I don't share your pessimism regarding the Bolton/West Ham games. I stand by my original thinking that we can beat Bolton at home and West Ham away. But I do think that Arsenal will now beat Man City, (I had it as a draw before), Man City seem to have lost the plot lately.

        We then HAVE to get something out of the game at Highbury.


        Spurs Today - 61

        Bolton (Win) - 3
        W Ham (Win) - 3

        Total 67

        Gooners Today - 57

        Sunderland (Win) - 3
        Man City (Win) - 3
        Wigan (Win) - 3

        Total - 66

        So, I'm quite happy to park the team bus in front of the goal at Highbury and take the point.

        C'mon you Spurs!!!!!!!!

    • Well you've got most of it wrong so far... the Mighty Tottenham to finish 4th. Barcelona to win the Champions League. The Arse... nothing!

    • well you called the Pompey game right, and my side ( Arsenal) lost to Man U so already your prediction is out by 1 point to Spurs favour, I suspect it is pessimistic by another 4 somehwere in there. I did say it would all come down to the game between us and nothing has changed that view so..... the ultimate derby game, I don't think so much has actually been at stake (other than pride) in any derby game between. It'll be about the most high stakes game we have played between since Gascoignes FA cup semi I think... or does my mind deceive me. I'll be there false finger nails and all.

    • Believe
      Martin Jol is a semi-god for even allowing Spurs fans to discuss Champions league football with six games to go. OK Arsenal and Man U are on fire and will represent difficult games. If Jol is to be a God, he has to draw with Arsenal and Man U and win the rest, that is 14 points.
      Spurs have 69 points. If Spurs achieve 69 points and we don't qualify for Europe, then in my opinion Jol will still be a god, infact if we beat Arsenal, Jol will be God.

      Lets hope

    • Lets not be just obsessed with Arsenal as Blackburn and Bolton could stil deny us Europe and not just Champions League. After 3 defeats and a tough next couple I think Bolton wont catch us so its just Blackburn and the arse.
      Here are my predictions:
      Arsenal: 69 pts ( 5 Wins v Portsmouth, WBA, Man City, Sunderland, Wigan. 1 draw vs Spurs, 1 defeat v Man U)

      Spurs: 65 pts (2 wins v Man C, Bolton. 4 draws)

      Blackbn: 63 pts (2 wins v Man C, Charlton. 4 draws)

      I hope I am wrong but we will see. Dont forget some important things. We have points in the bag. The Arse have Champions League distraction. And just because we come 4th doesnt mean a fun league campaign in Champs league. See what it did to Everton who due to qualifying games not only got kicked out of Champs and Uefa but also had a dreadful start to the season.

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      • Boys, lets not get obsessed with 4th, i think all of us would have accepted top 6 finish at the beginning of the season, and i am confident we will get that. Get into europe, attract some new faces in the summer, maybe get rid of couple too, then next year who knows. The club is moving forward at last, i know its hard not to obsess about the goons, but 16/17 years of being beneath them won't be overhauled in a season, but enventually we will rightly installed as Londons finest once more!

    • Arsenal Could possibly lose against WBA & portsmouth as both are fighting for survival and have pulled off a few suprise results recently.

      I certainly wouldn't want to be facing them right now.

      Also put money on man utd beating Arsenal.

      Plus our home form has been pretty solid this season, so can see a draw against man utd ( bearing in mind we could of beaten them at old trafford this season and last season).
      Also see us beating bolton as their away form is as bad as ours and they've dropped alot of points away of late.

      My total point finish would be:

      Arsenal = 67pts
      Spurs = 66pts

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      • This is certainly one of the more anxious seasons we have had. I don't mean in terms of finishing in the top two, but trying, and I mean trying to finish above you spurs. I dun remember any season like this. Most of the time you were trying to finish above us... and this season is no different. But for us to try and finish above you, that is certainly different. However, I question the mental strength of your players. Jol has certainly been great for you, with some exciting football, but he hasn't been good enuf in the mental area, that would be the key in the run in which I think will expose you. However, it is a good season for you if you finish 5th. That is a great step up for you. My prediction? Arsenal 69 Spurs 65.

    • turkthrust, welcome to the board, but for the interest of others i would suggest u change the pic etc from your profile. i would say its typically arse, but that would be very apt.
      As u are an arsenal fan how does it feel to be on the verge of glory. sorry its sounding too crude now hehee after seeing that profile
      Still, i wish you all the best and keep wishing about the arse and who your going to burgle from spurs. sorry i just cant help myself LOL

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