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  • The Truth is Out There The Truth is Out There Apr 18, 2006 15:53 Flag

    total pts prediction

    My prediction is going ok so far, except that we beat Everton, so I'm 2 pts to the good.

    (from thread above)... "Spurs' run-in (excluding the Derby at Highbury):- Man City - H (Win), Everton - A (Draw), Man U - H (Loss), Bolton - H (Win), West Ham - A (Win). If we can play like we were earlier in the season, I think that is not a totally implausible set of results and gives us 10 Pts from 5 games, taking us to 65 Pts. Sure - I know that we can lose every game too.

    The Gooners (in my same prediction of results) would get:- Man U - A (Loss), West Brom - H (Win), Man C - A (Draw), Sunderland - A (Win), Wigan - H (Win), Portsmouth - A (Draw). This gives them 11 Pts to add to their 53, giving them 64 Pts. And yes, I know they can win every game too."

    I don't share your pessimism regarding the Bolton/West Ham games. I stand by my original thinking that we can beat Bolton at home and West Ham away. But I do think that Arsenal will now beat Man City, (I had it as a draw before), Man City seem to have lost the plot lately.

    We then HAVE to get something out of the game at Highbury.


    Spurs Today - 61

    Bolton (Win) - 3
    W Ham (Win) - 3

    Total 67

    Gooners Today - 57

    Sunderland (Win) - 3
    Man City (Win) - 3
    Wigan (Win) - 3

    Total - 66

    So, I'm quite happy to park the team bus in front of the goal at Highbury and take the point.

    C'mon you Spurs!!!!!!!!