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  • The Truth is Out There The Truth is Out There May 2, 2006 04:41 Flag

    total pts prediction

    I agree with your assessment of the Bolton game and I also think the gooners will win all their remaining games (at the time Man City were playing much better but they have been awful of late), so we must win against West Ham.

    I also agree that we have tended to get the wrong end of the luck in recent times, which does support your predictions, I guess I felt we had been so consistent this year especially at home, and Martin has done such a great job bringing many new players in and building a TEAM that we had every chance of holding out to cross the finish line this time round.

    Either way mate, I know I'll be cheering at the top of my voice this weekend if we beat the hammers, and even if the gooners do win the CL this year and take the CL spot from us next year, I'll be just as pleased to be playing UEFA cup next year. To be honest I think we have a much better chance of going all the way in the UEFA cup than the CL. But I'll take whatever comes. Finishing above the gooners this year will be enough.

    C'mon you Spurs!!

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