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  • The Truth is Out There The Truth is Out There Apr 18, 2006 23:01 Flag

    Man Utd game

    I don't understand why some of the voices on this board seem so hell bent on us failing.

    Spurs deserved to get something from the game against Man U. If we play like that in our last 3 games, then we have every chance against anybody, including the Gooners. (Minus one defensive mishap obviously!)

    Unlike some of the messages on the board lately, from so called Spurs "supporters" who seem quite happy to hand 4th place to the Gooners, I disagree.

    We have no reason not to believe that we will win against Bolton & West Ham.

    If you support the club then get behind it and start looking at the positives in our team and the great job Martin has done this year. If you're really just Gooners in disguise then bugger off to the Gooner board.

    If we win against Bolton & West Ham then it doesn't matter what the Gooners do in their other games, we just need a point at Highbury, which I believe we are absolutely capable of doing. I'll even drive the bus to the ground and park it in front of the goal for them.

    C'mon get behind the team and quit all the bloody whinging and negativity.

    C'mon You Spurs!!!!!