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  • Deniz Deniz Apr 23, 2006 15:38 Flag

    BBC: Wenger needs to appologise

    Was watching some of the match round ups this morning and the peeps at the BBC made a point of showing the incident - where the managers were and the reactions afterwards... and you'll never guess what?

    Jol DIDNT see it, like he said. The commentators all agreed that Jol hadnt lied and that Wenger needs to appologise for saying what he did. Its Think it will happen though? lol

    I know im biased but Jol is my fav Premiership manager and it makes me sick to think he could be so openly disrepected like that - he is the one manager that openly praises 'EVERYONE on tv, no matter the team or the result. He is like one of us, just calls them as he see's them.

    ..What I find personally amusing though, is that I am the one usually talking Wenger up in spurs circles! 'He's respectable and respectful' (!) ...but even I couldnt believe some of the things he had to say after the game.

    There is being passionate and there is being hotheaded. - This incident just makes you wonder if he is as mad and deluded as Jose or Fergie.

    ooo and one other thing - they said that Spurs fully had the right to play on (it wasnt a head injury and one of the two got straight up and the 2nd sat BACK DOWN when he saw everyone play on!) - they sarcastically noted that they were certain, of course, that arsenal wouldnt have done EXACTLY the same thing in that position. haha

    what do you think?

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