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  • me me Apr 23, 2006 17:51 Flag

    BBC: Wenger needs to appologise

    Mr Wenger should appologise but he won't....., to call Jol and his B/W army cheats is absurd, seeing as it was their player so obviously feigning injury as he hesitated in standing up and sat back down because Spurs had the advantage. If we had played the ball out, well we would have looked like right mugs. But I can safely say were not mugs, nor liars and we are certainly not cheats.

    It is also clear to me that Martin Jol is fast becoming the most respected and loved manager in the game today. Wenger's petchulent outburst at him yesterday only confirms this, with the amount of support and sympathy shown by pundits and even Arsenal fans towards our man.

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    • Regardless of whether or not the players were hurt (imagine how embarassed they'd be if the biggest injuries of the match were running into themselves!), Carrick saw the referee was with them. There was plenty of time for the ref to halt play before the goal, and after speaking to the players he chose not to. Frankly Wenger's behaviour was childish, he's just bitter he can't play a reduced strength side and walk all over us.

      Brig the the next era of Tottenham glory days!