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  • The Truth is Out There The Truth is Out There Apr 25, 2006 15:38 Flag

    Can we finish above the Gooners?

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't care if we got into the CL or not, as I'd definitely prefer to see us in the CL over the UEFA cup, however, any form of European football next year will be a huge up shift for us and Martin deserves every piece of credit for what he has done in such a short time.

    That being said, what I definitely do care about is finishing above the Gooners. They have played very well in the CL and whilst Villareal & Barcelona/Milan are most certainly not easy beats, I have to put my hand up and say they have a chance to win it, which would give them the CL spot next year anyway.

    We have Bolton at home & West Ham away, we have the team and the ability to win both those games. Bolton will not be easy as they are figt=hting for a UEFA spot themselves and our record against them is not that great, but that was in prior years. We have lost only 2 games at home this whole season and they were to the top 2, so that's not bad at all. I think we can win both games, that will give us 4th, no matter what the gooners do in their remaining games.

    C'mon you Spurs!!!

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    • As a gooner I have to say I'd love it if we finished above you and won the CL. I have to say though that you guys now only have to win two games whereas we would have to win three and have you drop points.... I think you'll finish above us.

      To all those who say Spurs would disgrace the CL if you get in I say rubbish, you are playing good football, you've got a fast young side and a good manager.... if you get there you deserve it ..... its as simple as that ( all though it pains me to say so).

      By the by I am not one of those who say the best thing about winning the CL would be to deny you the slot for next year... for me its the trophy itself, the money and buying power and extra attractiveness to the players that motivates me to want us to win ( denying you the place is a mere added bonus... well you'd expect some rivalry wouldn't you)

    • This has been our best season in the Premiership and that is all down to Martin Jol, Champions League or not. I think we NEED to finish in the CL to keep players like King, Carrick and Robbo. Carrick, in particular, belongs in the CL and could really make a lasting impression.

      To qualify would be a great achievement, but I hope our team are focused and don;t think we can just walk over Bolton and West Ham. We need to take our chances, which we haven't been able to do in the last few games - against Newcastle we had enough chances to draw that game, likewise Man Utd, and Arsenal we could have won it by half time.

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      • If you had told me we would be in this position at the beginning of the season I think id've choked on my JD&Coke.

        I personally think Arsenal went through a readjustment phase and next season it will be a little different; but with the atmosphere (or what ever it is!) Jol has created I really think we can finish strongly in the league this year and the next.

        ...this is why i dont think we dont need to worry about people leaving (except for maybe King.. y is it taking so long?). Think about it Lennon, Defoe, Robinson etc all signed new contracts this season... why would they have dont that if they were going to move on?

        p.s. I do believe we can finish above Arsenal. With two games left, it is in our hands. Plus - even though I do respect what Arsenal have managed to do in Europe... I personally can not see them beating Barcelona....

    • its funny if you asked me where i would want to be at the start of the season i would have said any european competition and should be content with uefa cup. But as the months have gone on i think we deserve the champions league and would be gutted if we didnt finish in fourth place.