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  • Would you throw your medal into the crowd if you were a manager. I just think its a little out of order for him to do it as chelsea fans will see that he doesnt care too much about medals or maybe even chelsea.

    what are your thoughts? I know some chelsea fans think its out of order to sell the medal, well what about jose throwing it. Just as disrespectful to the club me thinks.

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    • Personally, i thought it was the "specialone" looking for more media coverage. I don't think it's a sign that he wants to leave, or that it was meant as a good gesture to chelsea fans.

      Hey Alfy, when you comig to pick Fletch up, mate?

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      • hello conor, how ya doing mate

        another rumour doing the rounds is that jose works for Amex and the medal is a Barclays one. just a vicious rumour but did Amex put him up to it?

        I would pick him up mate but i would drop him on his head accidentally on purpose and that wouldnt be good for the lad. but then again he might suddenly become good.

    • I didn't see it as disrespectful, I took it as a tribute to the fans - a mark of their input to the team if you like, & acknowledgement of it being a shared achievment. I thought it was a very generous action, although his comments afterwards about not being happy kinda put a shadow over it.

    • I think its pretty cool

      It shows how excited he was, i like morinho, ok he is arrogant as but still makes the prem more intresting. besides when you look at manager behaviour he has done much worse things (as well as a few other managers)

      But for the fan who got it they shouldnt sell it, should be a treasure momento