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  • Well in approx 5 hours, 30 minutes, the fate of fourth place will be secured. Just wanted to say all the best to both teams, and COME ON YOU SPURS, believe in yourselves as we believe in you. A brilliant season, albeit lucky at times, but we deserve 4th place.

    I'll look forward to reading the banter which ever way it goes after 4.50PM!

    p.s. Can't believe Sky have opted to show the Man U game over the either the Spurs or Arsenal game.

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    • Gulioth, the excuses are flowing already. We've had injuries, suspensions and shit and now this. Your a "big" club you should be able to deal with it, Utd have had a bad injury list but they're still 2nd.

      Food Poisioning that's just a fucker to happen now but it's happen, no point making excuses for your lump of shit called Arsenal. Enjoy your last taste of the Libary.

    • Fuck off damian, every club has to deal and cope with injuries, thats why people have large squads to cope with. We're missing key players just through injury let alone food poisoning. Go back to your own board

    • Erh!! no - sounds like you won't be playing due to food poisoning (plus the 2/3 injuries to key players) if you have 11 men left standing you should be made to play, or cheats will prosper, won't they?????