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  • A Yahoo! User May 8, 2006 02:12 Flag

    You Cocky Cockerel Mugs


    you really thought you could get one over us keep dreaming you enfield pikeys..

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    • lol well said. I was quite mystfied by all the agressiveness on the board at the moment but to me that just proves one thing - we did better than anyone expected this season and that is something the boys can be proud of.

    • fuck off you rat faced whore, it'd be a totally different story if it was the other way round and Terry Henry got food poisioning, could you even score without her?

    • Talk about Enfield pikeys you dopey gooner, go back to the real Pikey land Woolwich where you belong !!

    • try prawn sarnies instead of Coq au vin

    • Yes iel781 you are mentally and no doubt physically retarded, not your fault though.

      You obviously can't read, so get someone for you to do so.

    • Enfield Pikeys? Interesting. First Woolwich, then Highbury, then, who knows.........third caravan on the left you nomads.

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      • Lets face it...you Goons were running scared all season. For once you didnt have it all your own way and watching that faggot Wenger chucking his toys out of the pram proved it.
        Im not stupid enough to claim you are shit, or dont deserve some credit for your achievments but our tim,e will come..and sooner than you think. Kiss goodbye to Henry and prepare for the wilderness years you gobby kebab snorters.

    • mmmm...enfield pikeys??? funny that senderos and clichy live in an apartment block round the corner from my house.....In Enfield!!
      Up the Spurs - Our time is coming and you so know it!!

    • :D

      I can't wait for work tomorrow.

      For the last six months, I've had to put up with a load of complete mug tottenham fans trying to justify their years of winning f-all while we were lifting trophies left right and centre suddenly deciding they "power had shifted" in North London, and all the while I was just saying "We'll see what happens at the end of the season". And now, I can go in with my head held high and absolutely tear into those twats.
      The only response Spurs fans have at the moment is either:

      - You poisoned our players.

      Well, as far as I'm concerned the chef in one of the top hotel chains in London poisoned your players. Perhaps you should tell the chubby yids Robinson and Dawson to not go for rare steak next time.

      - You're a south London team anyway.

      Perhaps, but at the moment, we are by far the biggest and most successful team in North London. You see, we're covering all bases having already been the best South London team. Next, our increasing fanbase is going to enforce us to move again, and I reckon it will be to West London just to laugh at Chelsea and Fulham's lack of history.

      - You were lucky

      The table doesn't lie, and everyone ends up where they deserve over the course of the season.

      Viva l'Arsenal!

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      • You A***hole supporters make me sick. I for one work with several of your supporters and if they are anything to go by they were bricking themselves about fourth and at the final whistle I was the first to say well done. If you had listened to Jol he said at the beginning of the season that Europe was our goal. We achieved. If Henry goes where is your strike force? because I did not see one when he was not in the team.
        Please do not make excuses if you lose the Final.
        It is also sad that you ridicule Robinson, shame you turned him down, and Carrick and Defoe (All England Internationals) That is something you cannot say easily Internationals yes, English No.
        Good Luck in the final

      • It's VIVE l'Arsenal actually. Surely you must have some grasp of french to support France?