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  • alex d alex d May 8, 2006 14:00 Flag

    One player don't make a team?


    They say one player doesn't make a team, let's see how well you Gooners fare next season without Henry.
    Admit it chumps, without him, your seasons over even before its begun!
    I am sure that Wenger can find another Foreigner to fill his space though.
    I personally don't care that Arsenal have finished above Spurs. I take more pride from supporting a progressing side that is investing and developing in young English talent.
    Somebody remind me how many English players appear regularly for Arsenal?
    And no I am not a nationalist, I just believe too much overseas influence in our game isn't good for English football.
    So come on the Spurs, the Arsenal may have poisened and cheated us for 4th place, but we can still hold our heads high! We'll have em next season...

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    • I agree, rooney moved too early and for too much money, likewise wright-phillips. They needed longer to develop, and nobody (except maybe shevchenko, ronaldinho and henry) is worth more than £15 mil. Rio ferdinand is another example and he's useless. The reason young english players cost more is hype, the media hail them as the next big thing and that starts a bidding war between the big clubs who are willing to pay more. Smaller clubs know that the likes of chelsea, united and arsenal can afford to pay more, so they push the price up! Young foreign players don't get as much hype so they cost less. The expensive foreigners are the players that are proven quality at the top level.

    • ok, maybe not 3or4 times more expensive, but its certainly cheaper to buy abroad than to buy english. when a team has a quality, young english player, and teams start to bid for him, the prices that get paid are ridiculous. man utd paid an awful lot for rooney, we paid a shed load for walcott, you guys paid quite abit for dawson and jenas. although these guys are all very good players, to get the same quality of player from abroad, you'll pay 30-40%less probably. i mean, swp had one good season at man city, and chelsea fork out £24mil for him!! walcott impresses at the saints for a season, and we fork out what could be £15mil for him. rooney has a season n a half at everton and man u fork out £23mil for him!! it is more expensive to buy british, which is why so many managers buy from abroad now, and the english players arent being given the chance to improve. which i think is a tragedy.

    • Is this really the best you can do, having been gloating about finishing 4th all season and then losing it you come forward with "they have poisoned and cheated us"... what an idiotic comment........ and then to say you love supporting sides that have lots of english players in them and thats why you support Spurs.... what nonssnse... its the only thing you can say in your defence and so you say it... oherwise I am sure you look on the vila-ardiles days with shame.... Sad , sad person. The truth is this you should be rightly proud that spurs have had their best season in years and have got into UEFA, but clearly they were not better than Arsenal who have now justified this with a 4th place finish.

    • yeah you tits can finish above us next season(yeah right).
      keep on dreaming dumb fuck. just a reminder tho....after all the hate and the shit you dicks pour at us this season is now backfired at you dumb ass. keep on doing it and next season you asses still gonna fall hard TITIES!!