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  • Dogstar Dogstar May 8, 2006 16:15 Flag

    One player don't make a team?

    At the start of the season I would have taken finishing in UEFA spot and 2 poitns behind arsenal, but it's dissapointing to have held the 4th spot for so long only to lose it on the last day, under rather suspect circumstances.

    Arsenal may have finished above spurs, but we could and maybe should have taken 6 points off of them this season - both times we played Spurs had been the better team.

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    • Seeing as 5th is our best ever prem performance, we can't be too gutted. But, barring bad refereeing decisions and stupid mistakes, we could have beaten all 4 sides above us,we played better than all of them home and away!

      Although we've had some great foreign players in the past, and still do, i feel it's important to have a strong british presence in the squad, not one genuine england player, one over the hill former spur, and a young player wenger only signed cos we wanted him. Theo who?... He'll prob make a few appearences next year before being loaned out and sold on like all their other english talent. (Eg Jermaine Pennant, Matthew Upson, Stuart Taylor, Jerome Thomas, the list goes on!!)

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      • hardly, pennant was given enough chances but kept fucking up and having a bad influence on the squad, and him and upson will now be playing championship football next season. taylor has started probably 2or3 games at villa, so if hes not good enouigh to start at villa, then he aint good enough to start at arsenal. and thomas went to charlton and has done well, but wasnt good enough to break into arsenals first team. what wenger does is be honest with his players, if he doesnt think they're good enough to get into the first team, he tells em and gives em a chance to move somewhere they can get first team football.

        i admire jol and the fact hes spent so much on english talent, and id love to have more english players in the arsenal team, but the fact of the matter is, english talent costs 3or4 times more then equal foreign talent and because we havent had much cash to spend over the past few years hes gone with foreign talent. with the extra £30-40mil a season the new stadium will bring in, i expect him to buy more homegrown players.

        one more thing, fair play to you lot this season, played really good football and with maybe a bit more luck, you'd of got 4th, but you've gota be happy with the forward steps you've taken this season, and uefa cup is still very good. i expect ypu guys to be there next season battling it out with the arsenal!! bring it on!!