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  • Deniz Deniz May 9, 2006 22:52 Flag


    just read this on football365 under heading 'Tottenham To Demand Replay Of West Ham Game'

    'The idea of an Arsenal supporter penetrating the hotel's kitchens in an effort to derail their north London rivals in their quest for Champions League football is considered fanciful in the extreme,' says the Telegraph. 'But if it is eventually proved that the players were poisoned then the level of sophistication required to carry off such a crime would lead many to point the finger at a betting scam.'

    The sums of money riding on the game will have been enormous in the Far East, and the infamous incident of floodlight tampering in 1999's game between Charlton and Liverpool will mean the FA are vigilant about the possibility of such a scandal.

    A 'club insider' apparently told the Telegraph: "We had 25-30 people dine there and the only people affected were the players. That is too much of a coincidence. People are thinking in terms of sabotage."

    A Premier League spokesman said: "If someone has done something like that and there is hard and fast evidence, not internet chat rooms, then clearly it's something that not just ourselves but everyone in the game should be concerned about."