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  • Gareth Gareth May 18, 2006 18:08 Flag

    Defoe off

    Spurs are very close to agreeing a deal to swap defoe for Harry Kewell of Liverpool.
    Spurs are willing to swap Defoe plus £10m for Kewell.

    I think they must be mad, how can Jol get rid of one of Englands brightest talents.

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    • If were gonna swap Defoe+money, it should be for Bellamy. His contract says he can go at a price! We would then have the fastest, most dynamic, and youngest midfield in the country. Kewell would be a complete waste of time and money, and anyway this sounds suspiciously like Benites is upto his no good tricks again and trying to lure young Defoe to Anfield once again. Piss off Benites.

    • 'Spurs would be mad to swap defoe for Kewell.Kewell is well past his sell by date.The only decent player we have ever got from liverpool was Ray Clemence.Remember Scales,Rosenthal,Walsh,Zeige?

    • Sadly, i think it is a good chance Defoe will leave this summer. Playing 2nd choice to Keane he obviously wasnt happy, and then missing out on the World Cup will probably be the last straw for him. However, if we are to prove our ambitions we must look to hold on to him.
      As for Kewell, he wouldnt be a bad signing (although i would much rather try again for Downing - more potential). If Liverpool want Defoe, id say fine - but i want 3 players - Kewell, Riise or Finnan, and Morientes - in exchange.
      I would also say target Chris Sutton to make up the 4th striker and let Mido go back to Roma (Berbatov, Keane, Morientes and Sutton would be an impressive 4 to pick from i think and make up for losing Defoe).
      Plus Kewell and Downing competing for the left wing slot with Lennon on the right?
      And of course, our ongoing requirement for full backs - Finnan, Deggen or Chimonda for right back, Matty Taylor, Bridge or Riise for left back would be nice. NOT Konchensky as i read earlier today please. Not a bad player, but not at the level we need to reach if we are to get to the next stage.

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      • No way should we swap for Defoe for Kewell. Kewell is overrated, lazy with no heart and in it purely for the money - his missus confirmed that for us all to hear!

        How would Defoe going to Liverpool help his England chances in the future? They have signed Fowler, and with Cisse, Crouch, luis Garcia and Morientes at the club how is he ever going to get many games under his belt?

        I do agree we need to stregthen our squad, and Finnan wouldn;t be a bad choice at right back or Riise on the left, if Liverpool would be prepared to let them go. Downing would also make an excellent left winger but i can't see Boro selling him.

        I hope Defoe stays, on his game he's the best finisher around. Ok, he had a bad season this year, but so did Keane last year and he's now becoming a world beater.

    • i hope not.hes another sicknote.no pun intended darren.ule always be a star by spurs fans

    • £10 million PLUS Defoe? Not a chance. That would make Kewell worth about £16 million! Hardly worth the swap really, and he's too injury prone.