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  • me me Jun 6, 2006 18:22 Flag

    Any news on the Arsenal investigation?

    All gone abit quiet on that front.

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    • The main problem here was the fact that Dein DENIED lending to money Beveren when he had. He was perfectly entitled to make no comment as Arsenal are not a listed company, yet he still chose the denial route instead. If this could be explained to me by anyone I would be grateful. I think the chances are Arsenal have not done anything wrong legally (the investigation will clear this up for us all in time), however it is a matter they would prefer not to be in the open as they will now have to think twice before signing an Ivory Coast player from Beveren simply because of the bad publicity it will bring. Dein should have been wise enough to go the No Comment route from the start.

    • I have absolutely no problem with you Alfy, we have good discussions on other topics as well. Unfortunately I also know that some Arsenal fans can be jerks too. I am not from England, so maybe I don't fully comprehend the rivalry that exists between Arsenal and Spurs. I apologise if I overstepped my boundary.

    • love the last bit of your post mate. 'if you dont support arsenal you must be mad/not from this world' hehe. good reply though bud. i think i've only said in jest that arsenal have been up to no good in replies. and if they are found not guilty then i'll hold my hand up and plead guilty to my jesting your honour. it will also uncover your secret all these years of getting those bargains yea. nice 1 arsenal, we'll all be looking at Beveren to get some players from them cheap. Unless Arsenal control them of course;)

    • Personnally I think this is all storm in a teacup stuff... interesstingly though if Arsenal had been publicly listed on the full exchange then they would have had to make some official declaration about this in the accounts or to the exchange when it was made. As it is even Manu are now relatively free to do this sort of thing if they need to now. These sorts of things are probably not good but its the reallity of the modern game that sometimes you need to find ways of bringing talent onto the next stage and sometimes you need an edge when it comes to attracting new players within available budgets... with chelsea opening the wallet on a regular basis the rest have to find creative ways through this. I have no fear of an ivestigation.. if we are proved to have done nothing wrong then I am sure all those who have either wished us ill or accused us before the facts are there will come forward and abjectly apologise like the decent well adjusted human beings they are... then again they don't support Arsenal so they can't be that well adjusted.

    • but mate, its not a conspiracy at all and we spurs fans get just as much grief as you. i will be first to say arsenal did no wrong after the outcome. you passed judgement on us re: the pasta as we were to condemn david dein. all in good spirit in my opinion though bud

    • Quite right Mr A. They are investigating the matter to see if the law has been broken. Unfortunately the gooners believe that this process doesnt exist. Or anti arsenal fans made it up. Im sorry but i dont support anti-arsenal(never heard of 'em) There is no conspiracy and its not anti arsenal. get Tnyahern on the case. she'll know

    • Of course I am not entirely sure as I am not privy to all information. And neither is anyone, but it sure seems to me that judgement has already been passed in some quarters. Now that does irk me a little. Wouldn't you if you were in my position and the same attacks were passed at Levy (sorry to bring it up again but just for an analogy) again and again in the food poisoning saga where Arsenal were pronounced guilty the moment we pipped you to fourth.. only to find that Arsenal were innocent all along... what if this is brought up again and again? It isn't I know, maybe that is testament to how tolerant we are... we can go thru the posts at Arsenal and find many Spurs fans already passing judgement on Arsenal and Dein.... Deisel for one, he's a Spurs fan.

    • forever_gooner how can you be so sure that Arsenal have done no wrong. as oioisamarai pointed out that you may have broken fifa rules. so why so sure. are you a magistrate?

    • Read on the beeb (teletext) last night/yesterday that FIFA have written a letter to the FA demanding an investigation to which they want all pertinent documentation to also be forwarded to themselves. Don't know when that was sent BD or PD but looks like its still lingering around?

    • Yea gone a bit quiet but im not hopeful really. dein is out so i dont think anything is gonna happen now. either that or it will be dragged out for years until forgotten. Even if they just get a fine it would be nice to know. also we be good to know where the boundaries are for importing players. Perhaps Tottenham could do this practice and save some cash like the goons