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  • Gulioth Gulioth Jun 21, 2006 17:16 Flag

    Sven's Mistakes

    Sven, from the day he picked the squad has frustrated me, now i'm just getting infuriated. Some points...

    a) He should listen to other peoples advice and stop with this I'M THE COACH, what I say goes attitude, one person does not always know best

    b) His decisions have been shocking - biggest mistake, not bringing 5 strikers and I wish he would admit that was his mistake, especially now Owen is out of the tourny

    c) Substitutions, Campbell for Rio? natural replacement maybe but Sol is so far off Competitive and International level, every header he 'cleared' went to the opposition when he came on, and don't get me started on the 2nd goal.

    d) Carragher, can't rate him enough as a centre back but too slow as a full back, he'll be exploited by fast wingers (Ljunberg) and therefore could concede a pen

    e) Sven's persistancy in playing his 'top' players even when they're not in form. This is the biggest issue which really rattles my cage, Becks again, albeit a few decent crosses previous games, is again well below par, yes he contributes but he too lacks the pace and dare to say it, passion too. His corners? Awful, far too deep, and he doesn't alternate his deliveries - therefore predictable.

    f) Get some hunger in the side, introducing Lennon. You only have to look at how much Rooney was up for y'day, he was a shining example of passion, just like Becks was 8 years ago.

    g) Sven, this midfield is still not working, sort it out. Stevie G is a must, play 5 in there if u have to, Sweden, a much better side than Paraguay and T&T, over-ran the centre of the park at times, this shouldn't happen.

    h) Should of introduced Walcott, who is now more likely to feature. Crouch? Not bad, mediocre at best, but not good enough to be considered a dangerous threat. Learn to jump boy!

    There u go, I've ranted and raved, feel a little better now lol. Agree or slate my thoughts...

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    • i couldnt agree more. needs to drop lampard hes over rated we need carrick holding gerrard pushing lennon flying and joe dancing needed to give walcott a run yesterday. beckhams marking at set pieces is shocking.i personally think we do too much heavy training, hence all the injurys. sven and maclaren havent got a clue wot we need is big sam allardyce

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      • I agree, and the current side will NOT advance much further if Sven continues to be pig-headed. One of Lampard or Gerrard must - unfortunatley - be left out, together they just don't do it. Hargreaves was fine last night, but against the bigger countries i would have real doubts. Is Peter Crouch really the best Plan A available in the squad? As a sub to drag back into a game possibly, but too predictible from the start.

        I would start a 4-1-4-1-1 in the knock-out stages.

        Robinson; Carragher, Terry, Ferdinand, A.Cole (although i dont think he looks fit yet, he is a better option than Bridge); Carrick; Lennon, Beckham, Gerrard, Downing; Cole; Rooney (then Crouch after 60mins)
        (Otherwise, possibly Cole staying left and Jenas "in the hole")

        The big problem is Sven didn't try alternative formations enough in the build up!