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  • Come on FFS, why aren't we offering Carrick a new and improved deal? Jol and Levy insist they wanna keep the player but no formal announcement is being made, just rumours. It's beginning to piss me off, we don't need the £££ so why sell our best players onto clubs that we're gonna be competing with next year for top 6 positions.

    Show some loyalty and come out and say "spurs is where my heart belongs" or "i wanna work my way to the top". If it's all about the money and the CL then fine, piss off, then we'll know how shallow you really are. Hope he proves me wrong

    Man U won't be all that this season anyway esp. if they lose RVN, which I certainly don't want involved in any swap deal for Carrick!


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    • I can't quite really believe you guys are going to let Carrick go. That type of player is really really difficult to replace if not impossible. Theres little point in signing lots of new players to then lose your engine room. I'd be pretty grumpy if I was a spurs fan today, but then again perhaps the board just felt at some stage money talks and £17/£18m is a lot for any player and probably the right number to twist your arm. Lets hope for your sakes Jol has a plan for what to do with the money.

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      • At last absharrison, someone who shares my point of view. I can't believe this deal is going through and no-one is hardly raising an eyebrow.

        I'm sooo pissed off today, we've just lost a key asset to our team, and replacing him is going to be hard. Zokora is unproven and yet to play the English game, the boy hasn't even played a friendly yet. Hudds good player but lack of first team experience. We need to excell straight away, we cannot afford a sloppy start to the campaign due to waiting for players to 'adapt'.

        I'm annoyed at Carrick too, he obviously wanted to go. Money blatantly a factor, maybe CL footy as well, which shows how shallow and what lack of patience he has. Spurs will be a great club like Man U soon, I'd rather be part of the Yid progressing campaign though (obviously biased lol).

        Rant over

    • This is off your website guys


    • http://www.setanta.com/portal/article/football::england?open&articleid=4b6f272eb6c74b36802571b80065e038

    • Understand what you're saying, frustrating for the Man Utd fans too, we want to know if he's coming or not. I for one hope he does, he is a great player. Also you pretty much already have a replacement in Didier Zokora.

    • fuck the money who would be a decent replacement 4 him.ok he drift in&out abit but he did contribute to many games to&his passing at times was fantastic.hes waiting on utd it looks like,shame cause if he wanted to stay he surely would of come out&said by now.if he wants to leave then i wish he'd just go,we'd know 1 way or the other then.

    • Oh and to add to that, I just don't like the way the whole thing is going down

      Firstly SAF pissed me off by unsettling him before the WC, then the only 'concrete' thing we've heard is that Tottenham have turned down a bid from Man U for Carrick, but no-one from Spurs has said yeh we wanna keep him or he's a vital member to this squad etc. No response from Carrick either, all hush hush behind closed doors - annoying

    • I hear what your saying but seriously we are very financially sound.

      I think Carrick can be over-rated yes but he has huge potential still in him to improve his game, he is still young!

      Man U won't pay out too much for him, and I'm hoping behind the scenes that Carrick really wants to stay coz I don't want a half passionate disloyal player in my team this season.

      We would cope without him but it'l be a better team with him, our strikers need the service and that boy can certainly pick a pass. Tainio, Murphy, Jenas have failed to shine and I can't seem them playing a good crucial final ball to our front men can you? We have A LOT of defensive midfielders now (Ghali, Huddlestone, Carrick, Zokora, Davenport), I'd like to see Carrick control the park and attack more like he did the last few games of the season.

    • oh and lets just bankrupt overselves while we're at it. Lets chuck him £70K a week like Duff wanted. Then King, Keane, Defoe and everyone else will want a slice then, where will that get us? In case you had'nt noticed we're a very well run club now, unlike the panic buys and excessive wages of merely a few years ago. If Man U are desperate enough to pay for him (and lets face it the guy wants to go anyway doesn't he?) then let him go, hardly gonna blow the whole season apart is it?

    • Shit??? you dont think Khun Martin reads this message board do you.Iknow its only the sun,but there saying what i said 2 weeks ago,Van for Carrick PLUS 10 mill for us.;I dont think so..but you never know.(its a funny ole game)

    • Apparently we've offered him a new deal of about £45000 a week, which is wot ledders is on now, and hes turne it down