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  • norwich yid norwich yid Aug 28, 2006 20:46 Flag

    midfield worries

    now carricks gone i'm genuinely concerned about our midfield now apart from lennon. jenas doesn't tackle, pass quick enough and hasnt the vision for a quick pass to the forwards like carrick has and also goes missing for long periods of the game, zokora needs time to settle in our team but looks like pretty good but only time will tell and as for the left sided prob we have had enough time over the summer now to sign someone but as usual were waiting till the last transfer day minute so sign someone, the same goes for a right back, theres too much dithering and now its coming back to bite us-bolton,everton. sometimes you have to pay the money if you want success not try to get everyone on the cheap,its not like were short of money is it. also mido for 5mill is a steal and were haggling and won't pay that, were to tight sometimes.

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    • i dont see the midfield is the main concern to us at the moment. yes true, carrick is gone. but , does that a big issue for us to worry about ? nope, we dont really missed him. all that we are missing now is ledley king in the central defence as davenport is still raw n inexperience for a real big game. i can see robbie keane is playing well as an attacking midfielder (more down to the midfield) come on spurs !!!

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      • the midfield is a worry if you have jenas that isn't contributing,davids getting old,no left winger of quality,zokora whos new and the rest, apart from lennon who are either squad players or to young or inexperienced, there is no point in having world class strikers if the midfield isn't providing the service to them, we need to be creating chances and sadly in the bolton and everton games they stifled our midfield and look what happened! 2 quality midfielders needed i think, malbranque,baptista,downing or ben arfa will do nicely.

    • murphy not good enough. assou-ekotto not played that well.
      keane,defoe,berbatov cant all play together very well, its too unbalanced.

    • Maybe us not getting anyone may force Jol into using the people we do have.
      We do have some flipping good players that are unused so far.
      Hudd, Murphy, Zigler and Routledge are good players to have on the bench and could all do a job. Could it be the formation and not the players.


      Daws Ledders Hudd


      Lennon Murphy Assou-Ekotto

      Keano Berbatov Defoe

      Now on paper that looks fucking daunting to any team
      Jenas could swap with Murphy
      Ziegler with A.E
      Routledge for Lennon
      And Davenport for anyone of the back 3.
      Come on Jolly-boy I know your reading this, give it a try next game!!!!

    • davenport is reliable but obviously he isn't ledley class, more of a back-up player, i'm worried we will do what we did before the transfer window shut before and end up signing our last target like when we signed rasiak because of other deals not going through,why are we leaving things so late? also arsenal and chelski losing doesn't make me feel a lot better about the terrible displays against bolton and everton.

    • i think davenport done ok & so has dawson.but evertons 2nd goal proved they arent anything special, they just had johnson to sotp between both of them & they didnt do it.
      our new left back isnt up to it either, another cheap forigner. chimbonda, malbranque & mido are avaliable to buy so we should as there areas were short of class in.
      downing would be decent but i cant see boro selling him but no harm in trying. if cole goes to chelsea bridge wud be a good buy. but why does other teams performing badly reflect on our performance, thats not the way to look at things. we lost but thats ok coz arsenal did too, i ahte that attitude.

    • yeah kev, don't won't that ex-gooner and especially for the money fulham want, about 7 mill,think its media talk

    • Zakora for Jenas he lacks bottle and confidence shying out of tackles on Saturday at least Davids gets stuck in.Think Mido would be a good buy at around 5 million again ruffles up teams (when not asking for more money !)

    • we are crap without carrick man utd dont spend 18mill on mediocre players. wot the **** is jol doing davids is not young enough for the premier league, why is jenas sitting deep i thought that is why we bought zakora. i would put lennon on the left routledge on the right and jenas pushing forward for scraps.