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  • ric74 ric74 Aug 28, 2006 23:56 Flag

    midfield worries

    also dawson is lost without ledders calum not good enough basically robbo is right it looks like we are a selling club top four no chance

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    • we got a weak midfield & wide players (apart from lennon)
      if carrick really wanted to go then what can u do.but we got 15million out of it so we should spend it all to prove we arent a selling club but mainly as we need to spend it.
      i think we would do really well to equal last seasons points tally with our current squad. we keep buying cheap like reid,gardner & our new french full back who gave away the everton free kick for 1st goal, when we would be better off with 1 player who is proven and good.
      dawson is average but king makes him good.
      we should buy mido, chimbonda & maybe malbranque a he cant be worse then what we got.

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      • i agree with you, we should be buying chimbonda, mido,downing/ben arfa and malbranque as he has the lot like carrick-pace vision can tackle pass and even score more goals than carrick, jenas isn't doing it for me.

      • Boys lets calm down a minute!!!
        We are 3 games in to the season and worrying like fuck.
        Chelsea and Arsenal have both lost already this season so lets not look at the situation like its the end of the world.
        Granted we need a left sided midfielder, and that extra forward.
        Davenport is getting some harsh criticism I think....he was fouled against Bolton when they scored their first and the poor lad couldnt of done much about the OG against Everton.
        Daws is a very good center back, he shouts and organizes which Ledders never does anyway so he's not at fault.
        Tactically Jol got it wrong against Everton, he pulled everyone but Robbo out of position, but even he was taking free kicks from halfway.
        Bolton was unlucky not to get a 0-0 draw. We never looked like scoring but we never deserved to concede those 2 goals either.
        I dont know why Ziegler has not been given his crack on the left yet.
        If Jol is unhappy with Davenport, then maybe he should put Hudd there for time being (heard he can play at the back too).
        We will have another good season, it's just that we have to get around teams who want to pack the midfield and play only 1 up front.
        After last season we are now a scalp for teams like Everton and Bolton are just Bolton (fucking rout 1 all day long).
        Teams are gonna put alot of players behind the ball against us, thats all.
        We WILL figure it out.