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    Walt Disney - Interesting Read


    The Disney Channel has its good shows and its bad shows. Sadly, most of them promote race mixing and are brain washing the white Christian children of today.

    The "Wonderful" World of Disney recently put out a movie called "Mean Girls". It promotes homosexuality, race mixing, bad language, and unChristian behavior for girls (and boys). Of course, the mean girls in the show are the ones against the wonderful lesbians. And the star of the show's first crush is a black boy. No doubt her parents encouraged it. (poor girl to have such un-thoughtful parents)

    Another channel that promotes lots of race mixing and queers is MTV. MTV isn't supposed to be a kid's channel. But kids still watch it. Girls kiss girls and boys kiss other boys on it. White girls dance with black boys and white boys dance with Mexican or Asian girls. There is too much grown up stuff on MTV - stuff that even grown ups shouldn't watch.

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    • "Brainwashing the white Christian children" what the fuck! If anyone's being brain washed it's you. Bigotry has no place on these boards, got it!!!

    • I dont know what i find more shocking - the fact that you posted this on a football forum.Or the fact that you actually find White people dancing and OH MY GOD kissing yes kissing! WITH TONGUES no doubt, disturbing. Just where have you been living for the past 30 years?? Even my father got over that sort of thing years ago.You will be telling me next that you suspect they may not be married.Or even HORROR OF HORRORS that they got paid for it.

      Next they will be telling kids that we evolved from apes rather than Adam and Eve

    • That was an interesting read but what exactly are you saying? There seems to be a racist slant and also religious undertones. Should white girls only dance with white boys?
      While I agree that there is too much homosexual and lesbian activity on daytime tv for our children to see, I would like you to broaden your view and explain what you really want to say...