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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 10, 2006 05:52 Flag

    Ledley's conduct & Lennon injury

    I appreciate he must have been gutted to be taken off with 10 minutes to go, but King was out of order when he threw off his captain's armband in a childish strop. As captain he's supposed to be setting an example & bringing the team together, & the action of passing the band's important for solidarity, he showed the club disrespect and made a show of himself by not being able to do that.

    That said, good to have him back.

    Anyone else pooing their pants about Lennon's knee injury? According to the website he's out for at least a week (so definitely missing the UEFA game), and may need an operation. I know there are other options, but I feel a lot happier when I know he's one of them.

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    • bang on about ledders, he should know better, he's been out for a while and is needed for the tie in prague, normally after a player comes back from injury they get about 60mins on the park, it's good to see him back

    • Lennon is a great outlet on the right, he will be missed if he doesnt make it.
      Ziegler should start on left with Jenas on the right maybe.
      Timing is a bitch, this would be routledges turn to shine, he's got bags of skill. Things just havent worked out for him so far. I liked the look of Ghally so i think him and zakora should start in the middle.
      Spot on about Ledders, needs to vent his frustration in a better way.
      Jol was just thinking about Europe and wants to look after captain marvel.