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    I know the current away form is frustrating, and there are definite holes in our play to be considered, but what's going on here? You're supposed to be SUPPORTERS, that's people who give support. It's fair enough to acknowledge difficulties & discuss them, but this bitching about the club is ridiculous, what difference will it make?

    I'll be honest, I didn't think we'd win saturday, I thought it'd be 1-1 or 2-1 to them. But I still watched it with faith that we could win, & I still think our play was better than that result. Have intelligent conversation about the team's failings, but quit your whinging & get behind them - the only way a fan makes any difference to a team's play is by getting down there, singing their praises & giving the players a boost.

    COYS - Bring on Middlesborough!

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    • It was extremely dissappointing! I can't believe you only lost by 3 goals!! gutted!!!

    • I think you’ll find that the reason people are upset is because Saturday was beyond disappointing. Disappointment is what you get when your team plays well but doesn’t get the result. That’s not what happened

      Where did the fight go? No passion no pride no direction in what should have been a fight to the death attitude game. Why did they look tired and confused? Why were they half a yard slower than Arsenal?

      This team still hasn't gelled as a unit, they are disjointed. Jol needs to get some steel in midfield and get a joined up team attitude before the Premiership form becomes even more embarrassing. NO GOALS IN OPEN PLAY AWAY FROM HOME IS BEYOND A JOKE.

      Spurs under Jol have invested in better players every season which is essential to revitalising the club to compete with the best. But every season it has taken longer for the team to get it together. Spurs now have very good players in all positions, and should on paper be easily competing with in the top six of the Premiership. F**k Terry or Ferdinand when you’ve got King and Dawson, f**k A.Cole, Chimbonda is easily as good, Berbatovs display against Wigan was pure class, as was Defoe’s goal.

      I Thought the Chelsea game was the turning point, but the display at Reading and then Arsenal shows a bad lack of confidence. Martin Jol and Chris Hughton get your act together.

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      • Agreed. As supporters we have as much right to criticise the team for poor performances as praise them for good ones. The game on saturday cannot be put down as a "bad day at the office" as our away performances this year have been shocking.

        Questions need to be asked about team selection though - why wasn't Jenas playing from the start? His drive and energy is what's needed for derby games. Why drop Defoe when he scored against Wigan, and can score aainst Arsenal (remember his goal in the 4-5 game? that was pure class).

        For years Spurs fans have been waiting for the real deal - a team capable of winning things and challenging for top 4 places. We thought we had that last year, and now we;ve taken a step backwards. We've already lost 6 games this season, which is 1 less than our total for last season.

        Nothing less than 6 points from our next 2 games will go to make up for Saturday's poor performance. I still think we can get it together and finish in a UEFA Cup spot this year, but I can;t see us qualifying for Chmapions League.