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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jan 23, 2007 18:43 Flag

    I am impressed with dannymiller

    they are pretty strong words , but as a spurs fan of twenty years i can only agree. i wish people like dannymiller would go home and do what ever and leave us to talk, like this message board is for.

    if u wanna chat properly no worries if not just fuck off
    coys coys coys coys

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    • I am just pissed off with gooners coming onto this board and acting like school kids.
      The reason Arsenal fans are disliked by every other fan base is because when Arsenal are winning they can't keep their stupid mouths shut unlike when Arsenal lose they won't say a word.

      the reason Spurs fans are so much superior to them is because we can talk about the team even when they lose and we can look forward to when they gel together and become a deadly force in the Premiership, it may not be this season or the next but one thing is for sure Spurs will be a team to be reckoned with, and we have the best manager in the Premiership because he is not afraid to say "we didn't play well" and "we have to work on our weaknesses" unlike Wenger who blames everyone else for Arsenal losing.

      We are still in 3 cup competitions and eighth in the league that is the best we have done for many years.

      If you look at Arsenal they had a shaky start but have started playing their youngsters and are doing well, but because their fans are such idiots everyone wants to see them fail.

      I think that the premiership is getting better because there are no easy games and much better competition and hopefully the situation will improve to a point where no one can predict the top six teams to finish the season and it could be down to the last game.

      Rant over, COYS

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      • sorry guys, curiosity just got the better of me as danny and jtg left me wondering just how bad the gooner message board is so i had a look. it completely answered the question of why these kids are on ours. i have never read such a pretentious load of tosh in all my life! no humour, nothing interesting, just self appreciation and "matter of fact" one-upmanship to prove that each of them knows more about football than the other. no wonder the illiterates that cannot even begin to compete end up over here.