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    Never mind the results,but look at the style of playing.we attack at home,until something goes wrong and we lose our impetus.otherwises we are an introverted,negative team.the midfield insists on playing right in front of the back four.leaving the strikers without support.more dangerous is we cannot relieve any pressure from the opposition,as the midfield is so deep.martin jol has said he has tried many times to encourage them forward,but the system is entrenched.he egged everyone forward wed,and still we were not pushing the whole team up,inspite of us having to score to progress.
    jol is a good manager,but not a great one.he can't seem to change the culture of play to one he wants and so has done all he can.we can only slide slowly down the table.the ueafa cup is a micky mouse tornament,it has to be champions league and than we'll attract bigger,better players and than build a new larger stadium from the proceeds.the reading manger would be good for thr spurs(he's been a success whereever he's been.)martin o'neil/teddy sherrinham.johan cryff.my fav would be the brazilian whos managing portugal at the moment.

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    • I've been a Spurs fan the last 40 years - from the age of 6. But I'm sick and tired of walking the tightrope - no more, I resign. There's more chance of Henman winning Wimbledon than any silverware coming to the Lane in the next 10 years . . .

    • Dunno about removing Jol before the end of the season, especially when we turn it on in the UEFA cup. We seem to have frequently lacked key players, and our squad lacks the depth to deal with the loss of King, Lennon etc.

      In terms of your replacements:

      Steve Coppell walked away from Man City and Palace due to pressure, not sure he'd take the job to be honest, and to be fair at the minute I wouldn't blame him. O'Neill - we've above Villa in the league, and in my opinion opinion the man has always been a little overrated and his teams ain't pretty. Sheringham - no experience, absolutely no idea if he could even do the job. The old player = new manager thing never really works. Scolari - Why would he take the job? No experience of European league football, massive pay packet. Cruijff? Like you'll get him out of the offices at Barcelona to take a job which, to be fair, is a hiding to nothing.

    • LOL another brain dead!!! ... Martin Jol is the best thing we have had since the early 80s, you want instant results, it don't woirk like that, he lost Carrick, and we are struggling to replace him, our deffence is shocking at the momment, and we lack the quality balll to the strikers,, who are all playing well,, i'd say in two years time with lennon and huddlestone getting better and better,,Jol is clued up, he's smart, just stop this get rid blah!! your not a supporter, your a whinger!!! stfu, and compair us now ..to when we had gross or ossie lololol 3-4-4 ossie, i mean come on lol 5th last season, unlucky not to be 4th, lost carrick, and mid table this seasonbut with a squad that must improve, and will improve!! UP THE MIGHTY SPURS!!!! SUPPORT THE TEAM & THE MANAGER AND STOP THE UTTER BOLLOX THAT POURS FROM YOUR KEYPAD!!

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        1 win from 12 away games no guts and desire in the cup semi final rolled over and died against man utd today a striker called defoe who goes missing for 80 minutes of a game and for the 10 minutes he is in it gets caught offside and then you have paul hit it as far up field and hope for the best robinson a manager who's tatics leave you scratching your head and has spent 68 million and has only won the peace cup hmmmmmmmmmmm the facts speak for themselves the only decent things i have seen come out of that 68 million is lennon/berbatov/dawson the other decent players we have is huddlestone/keane/chimbonda with these kind of playes we should be doing alot better i for one do want jol out but even if they board did sack him and got someone else in the transfer window is closed i think the best thing would be wait till the end of the season it may be painfull to watch but lets face it we have watched worse over the years i dont think fans are typing bollox as you put it but are just fed up with the side under achieving

    • You have said it all,enoughs enough,we always think in terms of next season it will get better,Jol is good ,but will never be a great, He comes from a small club mentality

    • Lets face it, Unfortunately as much as i hate to say this. We massively over achieved last season, no ifs or buts about it, and because of that we all expected spurs to be challenging for a top 4 spot this season, which as we are all aware hasn´t happened. I still have alot of faith in Jol, he is one of the best managers we have had for many years. He always invests in young english talent which is essential for our future. Yes sometimes his tactics don´t work, but you also have to blame the players. Jol is always stood shouting on the touchline, and we all know he isn´t shouting "lads, just gone 70 mins - sit back, relax have a cuppa and let some goals in". Robbo unfortunately hasn´t had the best of seasons, he has clearly lost some of his confidence. Berbatov and lennon have been our best players this season, Chimbonda is another one - i think he has been fantastic. At the end of the day i think that us Spurs fans should stop being so fickle, ok not the best season we have had, but no need to shout JOL OUT. Just a reminder - still in FA Cup, and Last 16 of UEFA cup and 10th in league with plenty of games to go. So lets stop being so negative and just support the team we know and love.


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      • I disagree that we over achieved last season. A team with as many fantastic players as Spurs should be up there EVERY season. Man for man I think we are better than Liverpool, Bolton, Reading, Portsmouth yet all are cruising off into the distance, while we play like Wimbledon of the 90's. Yet we hear "Spurs are a young team" as the primary excuse for our failures.
        Robinson 27, Chimbonda 27, Dawson 23, King 25, Ekotto 22, Jenas 24, Ghali 25, Lennon 19, Malbranque 27, Tainio 27, Zokora 26, Berbatov 26, Keane 26, Defoe 24, Huddlestone 20
        Average age 24.5

        That is the prime age for footballers. 2 years ago it was a valid reason, this year it is a lame excuse.

    • I Think we are being unfair to MJ, he is a good manager and is building a young team with a great future playing attractive football. The problem is that without Ledley King, we don't have a leader and without him in the team we lack confidence when things go wrong. We need someone with experience in central midfield who can dominate the way we play and be an inspiration to the team. (A fit Ledley in midfield could do wonders)

    • Klinsman? yeah right he could hardly be torn away from california when managing his national team, you really think hes gonna swap the sunshine and smiles of la la land for the misery that is Spurs?

    • Was raised the Right way on the Park Lane Was raised the Right way on the Park Lane Feb 2, 2007 17:59 Flag

      Yes is time for MJ to leave the ONLY man for the job is Mr Klinsman, he would jump at the chance to come back to the Lane. As for Wed nite, No Idea, No Guts, No System

    • yes yes SCOLARI!! A Lot of threads quiestioning Jol but there doesnt seem many alternatives (with pedigree) - But Scolari is perfect, ur right. None of his teams lack ambition which is our problem at the moment. Thing is he wanted the England job b4 the media put him off so cant see him wantin to come to England.