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    Start of a turnaround maybe???

    What a fantastic result, 4-0 away from home! Can't complain about the performance either, we always looked comfortable on the ball, and although there were periods when Fulham had the majority of possession, we weren't afraid to close them down, which has consistently been our problem this season.

    Robinson had a great game, pulled off some brilliant saves which must have done his confidence the world of good.

    Hopefully we can keep this going and give our season the kick-start that it so desparately needs...

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    • Oh dear, start of a turn around. I really do hope so but lets look at it realistically. No disrespect to fulham but they are not a particularly good side (one of the bottom 5 in the Premiership with a transfer budget of about 10% of ours). Unfortunetly there should not have been any real doubt about the result. However there were so many negative comments before the game suggesting we may lose which shows the lack of confidence. Our major problem is a few big name players off form and a relative naivety n both the players and the staff. Jol deserves credit for coping with the pressure and getting a bit more out of the players. Afew of the big name players seem to have brought some form back to the table again (Keane and Robinson particularly. However i still think Jol is a great coach but not a natural manager, and would still like to see us bring in a more experienced man to provide Jol with guidence (guidence not to take over) and mold MJ into a great manager. On a different note this post really does make us look fickle as several requesting MJ sacking then suggesting he can pull it around! ooops lol

    • Lets hope so Jamie
      at last today the class shone thru but reality check lets avoid the big 3 in the next round and repeat our knockout of the gooners in the semi,s All together now "Spurs are on their way to Wembley(BUT may need detour to Wales).
      Wengers new nickname McCAIN CHIPFACE he looks like a crinkley chip must all those cup replays to worry about

    • Whens the highlights on TV cant see them on BBC?