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  • me me Feb 23, 2007 08:48 Flag

    WHL is great but not great enough.

    I love White Hart Lane, a stadium steeped in history and many a memorable football match. Although I do feel we need to move with the times and find a new, more dynamic, modern stadium. Hate to say it but Arsenals stadium is a work of art, absolutely breathtaking and must be inspiration for us to go one better.
    Alexandra Palace, apparently looking for developers would be an amazing location, keeping all it's existing features to retain its history mixed with the best in modern architecture. The work of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (of Tate Modern fame) springs to mind and would give it the style and sophistication it deserves. Overlooking the whole of london It would be a real spectacle and remind everyone of our authenticity as the original north london club. It could easily fit 60 thousand seats and with great parking facilities, it's a must.

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    • Do you guys think you will fill a 60,000 seater stadium?

      You need to start getting some success on the pitch before you can even fathom it.

      P.S. Anyone for bumlove?

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      • No thank you timmy. But thanks for asking.

        I think we'll fill a 60,000 seater stadium, just like Man City did with City Ground. I also think it is foolish to start spending money on a new stadium which is no guaratee for success, when that money could you utilised to strengthening the squad, improving our academy system etc.

        Man City moved into their new stadium in 2003 and since then they have won nothing and not once appeared in Europe.

    • Couldnt agree more, I love WHL for its special atmosphere (so much better than the library)the great times i had on the old shelf, and the glory, glory nights.
      But times have moved on, the facilities in the ground are are poor, and the access awful. You cant hold to onto grounds for sentimental reasons, if Liverpool can leave Anfield, then Spurs must move. Developing WHL is not an option in my eyes, due to where it is, and the space around it. I think Levy and co. must act on this, or gulf in revenue means we will fall yet further behind the big 4. Years of no european revenue have hurt us, but after the pain of finacing a new stadium is over, we can rival the south london imposters again.