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  • Dogstar Dogstar Feb 23, 2007 21:53 Flag

    WHL is great but not great enough.

    No thank you timmy. But thanks for asking.

    I think we'll fill a 60,000 seater stadium, just like Man City did with City Ground. I also think it is foolish to start spending money on a new stadium which is no guaratee for success, when that money could you utilised to strengthening the squad, improving our academy system etc.

    Man City moved into their new stadium in 2003 and since then they have won nothing and not once appeared in Europe.

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    • But Glenn, its an investment to accumulate, Having a 50,000 seater+ means huge gate reciepts, and corporate entertainment and sponsorship. This in turn means the club expands and grows into a bigger and better one. Big stadiums dont mean success on the pitch, but the trend of premier league is money matters, and WHL will restrict that, plus queing for a piss at Park lane is not nice experience. Keep up with the Jones's, move i say.

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      • Increasing our capacity is essential but Im not sure whether moving to a new stadium is the answer unless its very local. None of this East London bollocks. Id prefer to see WHL expanded but I appreciate the transport problems and the need to take a piss in peace! I dont think we should be aiming for 60,000+ though. I reckon 50-55,000 is ample for us as filling it with coprorate twats isnt really going to create a better atmosphere. Neither Old Traff or Library sound as good as WHL on match day.
        When the novelty wears off down the scums ground, you are gonna see a lot of big red empty spaces at the lower key matches. In fact did anyone else see the empty seats at the Blackburn game? (im not talking about the away end either)

      • Believe me steve, i've been doing the white hart lane toilet shuffle for many years!! I hear what you're saying but I'd still rather see more evidence that the team is moving in the right direction before splashing out on a new stadium. I don't mean we need to win the league, but we need to show signs of continuous improvement and consistency, i.e. by finish top 6 season over 2/3 seasons.