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  • Dogstar Dogstar Mar 5, 2007 17:55 Flag

    Berbatov + Lennon

    A fantastic comeback last night, encapsulated by the sheer brilliance and natural quality of Berbatov and Lennon.

    Berbatov could have had a hat-trick in the first half but didn't let that phase him. As the game went on he looked great on the ball, assisted our second with an inch perfect cross, and that free-kick was Ronaldinho-esque - from 18 yards out to clip it up, over the wall and into the net, beating the defender on the line?? This guy is World Class!

    Lennon showed 2 pieces of individual brilliance which got us back into the match to 2-2. First, collecting Huddlestone great pass by flicking it over Neil and running in the area only to be brought down for the penalty, and second for our equaliser by meeting Berb's ball with the most sublime mid-air cushion volley I've ever seen!!

    We have got to do whatever we can to keep these 2 at the club. With Man U reportedly sniffing around the pair of them, we cannot allow them to leave for ANY kind of money. Think Carrick - that £18million has not been spent very well.

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    • Berbatov is absolute class and could fit into any team in the world right about now, the same with lennon (by the way, the backheel for the 2nd goal was absolutely sublime).
      but lets not forget the likes of dawson, chimbonda and tainio who give the team everything, and keano (who was wrongly missing yesterday)- theoretically we just need to sort out the left back and gardner problem and wwe've got a world class team. also, that taarabt that came on looked really good for 17, and we should get him on a permanent :P

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      • what a show by two of our best. lennon is sooooo good right now and a must keep player . berbatov is proving he is everything that his goal scoring record from germany says. i think that a left sided player will make us a team to be reckoned with.
        i also think ghaly is a good player but needs to find his form cos huddlestone playing like he did the second half will keep him out. i dont think gardener is that bad hes good cover for ledley king but only cover. i thought lee had a good game . but jenas was lacking when we needed him

        things look good at the lane come on you spurs

    • i like gahly think hes a promising player alway works is socks off gardener as gotta go same as lee

    • Not sure if many can make the impact lennon made but if i'm right and he can play left wing(dont mean just stick him there and hope he can which spurs sometimes have a habit of doing) then could end up sortin out our biggest problem.

      Heard Saviet is a right winger but hes only 16 so doubt he would be in the first team now anyways. Website said that hes the fench version of walcott and that hes already pushing for the under 21's at 16. Sounds good, heres the link if you want a look http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/tm_headline=jol-s-close-to-french-kid-swoop%26method=full%26objectid=18707626%26siteid=89520-name_page.html

    • Saivet is a left footer.

    • Don't know about this Saviet but yeah Taraabt looked pretty good - bit too early to tell whether he'd be able to make the same impact as Lennon.

      We desperately need a left-footed left-sided player. I'd be dissapointed to see us buy yet another centre- or right-midfielder and play him out of position on the left, and we need a suitable left-back or pin our hopes on Assou-Ekotto (maybe, given time. . .)

    • Totally agree, those 2 are world class and just hope that we can keep hold of them for the rest of their careers but for that to happen spurs need to win some silverware starting this season. We def have some of the best kids in the world at the moment (Huddlestone, Dawson, Defoe, Routledge) and could be a force in a few years if we can keep hold of them all. Taarabet looked really good when he came on yesterday (seems to be a french version of Lennon) and i think he can play on the left wing too. Also heard today that we were lookin to sign a kid from france called Henri Saviet who has been likened to Theo Walcott and wont cost us 12mil!! Future looks great for spurs

    • Ugh!! No deal. Although, Richardson and Silvestre for Gardner and Ghaly could be tempting. . .!!

    • Completely agree Glenn, Berbatov was and is brilliant.

      Why oh why can't you lot beat the goonies??!!!

      Seriously you guys, get your act together or we'll have no choice but to buy them off you!

    • hi
      i agree with keeping lennon an d berbs but where do you think the 10mm came from to buy berbs maybe man u

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      • Well actually we bought Berbatov before we sold Carrick, in May I believe. We sold Carrick in August - the transfers of Chimbonda, Mido and Malbranque were funded by the sale of Carrick, as well as the purchasing of Zokora which marked Carrick's departure.

        The point I was trying to make was that the money we have not found a replacement for Carrick with that money and our team has suffered. Zokora isn't a natural replacement and the the other players mentioned all play in different positions - I also question the abilities of both Malbranque and Mido at our level.