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    This shocked me! It may hurt you!

    Over the last fifteen years the top five teams in the country in terms of trophies won goes like this.

    1. Man Utd 15 trophies
    2. Arsenal 10
    3. Liverpool 8
    = Chelsea 8
    5. Leicester 2
    = Aston Villa 2

    Others are Spurs, Blackburn and Middlesbrough.

    Does not include Community Shield victories or European Super Cup or World Club cup.

    Leicester City have a better recent history than you guys - that's fucking hilarious.

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    • thats not very good .we are still a good team . so up the spurs

    • agreed - defence should run through the whole team, Zokora is looking better, thank god, as I was starting to wonder why we'd signed him, he looked so off the pace. Jenas is also coming on, so if they continue to develop, maybe we won't need an out & out midfield enforcer
      well impressed with Chimbonda, always looks good, Dawson is a warrior - we're getting there, with a few hiccoughs along the way
      need Berbatov to continue his form if we're going to win anything...

    • Agree that the midfield is to blame for the reasons Glen mentioned but I can't stress how much spurs have missed King this season. Pretty sure it would be a completely different season if King was fit. best defender in england in my opinion. Would be guarenteed to be an england starter and maybe even the captain if he had come through the Chelsea or Man U academy like Terry has.

    • Don't think we had a better team in the 90's just achieved something. Think we have the best team now that I can ever remember as a spurs fan(only 21). The team that Jol has built is brilliant, great player or sometimes 2 in all positions except left wing and could do with a better left back, would like to see Baines and this Babel guy that arsenal are after. We were linked to him in the summer and hear he is brilliant and a natural left winger. Even though I think that we have a team that could and prob should easily finish in the top four if not def fifth but somethings going wrong somewhere.

    • The problem stems from our midfield, in my opinion. Our defence is solid enough, especially with King fully fit, but the midfield does not offer enough protection to our defenders, which is why a lot our goals conceded have stemmed from midfielders not tracking back or closing down.

      Similarly, while our strikers are all capable of scoring goals, many times this season they have not received the service from the midfield, and we have conceded possession slippily in that area.

      It is beginning to improve, though, with Zokora starting to settle, Jenas looking good and Tainio hustling for the entire game, not to mention Lennon's brilliance.

      Agree we need a quality left-back, but I would like to see a PROPER left-midfielder in the team - a left-footed player who can take defenders on and cross the ball, not too much to ask for is it??

    • I saw that 1862 site this morning when I googled your cornet player - agreed, weird but fascinating lists!
      I may have been a trifle sensitive this a.m. - usually my mood improves as the day wears on so watch out first thing!!

      on a pure footie note, re Anthony's remarks about the 90's, I wonder what would have happened if we hadn't lost Venables as manager in the early 90's & had got rid of Sugar instead - we went into a gradual & seemingly terminal decline after Venables left, signing too many average players (Ramon Vega anyone?)& consoling ourselves with the occasional gem like Klinsmann. Remain convinced that the 90's was a lost decade for Spurs, far more so than this one...
      wonder if trying to hire George Graham (though will never happen) as defensive coach would help our improvement along, as though our attack can be potent, our defence still leaks too many stupid goals - Jol deserves more time to see if this upward cycle continues, but methinks he needs help from someone who's been & done it all before - and PLEASE buy a left back. Why didn't we sign Matt Taylor?!!!!

    • Got to keep themselves busy somehow, doubt much football talk goes on in there seen as their seasons pretty much already over, at least it will be tonight.

    • Try: www.why_can't_we_win-anything.com I think they are all on there! If you ever want a laugh come on the Arsenal board it's crazy! Fights, arguments, comedy!! You can't go wrong!!

    • Does anyone know a good spurs forum which has people on it all the time and has regular posts cos this i my way of keepin my self awake at work and theres not enough people, posts on this site for my liking

    • hahaha! Nice one Paul I now hold you in the same category as Glenn! You can spot the wind up and can make a joke of it! See they're not all bad these Spurs fans;) just remember that for future reference though that my threads are just a bit of a laugh born from my up bringing of hating your team! Nothing personal! Still you will see in the future that a lot of your fans will attack me from all sides! Glenn however always sees the funny side and reminds me of my teams current situation!! Welcome on board Paul!!

      Seriously though and this is going to sound really sad but I put in 1862 into google when you were saying about you ID and found this: http://www.sfgenealogy.com/sf/history/he862.htm

      I was just going to pick a random one to take the mickey out of your ID (very sad I know) but I found it fascinating, its a list of all events that took place in San Fransisco throughout 1862 my favourite is June 23rd!! Very sad of me but I just couldn't stop reading it!!!

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