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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Mar 13, 2007 23:49 Flag

    Bring in the reserves or work the 1st's?

    I don't think a trophyless season would necessarily be an achievementless season. Right now we've got to a semi-final, are in the quarter-finals for another competition & the last 16 for a third, and we're in a promising position for both those games. We're also 8th in the league, only 1 point away from 6th, with most of our toughest games out of the way. We've already played 5-10 more games than we did last season, & we've just hit our winning streak. When was the last time this happened?

    Even if we don't win any silverware (which we will, I still can't even begin to doubt we'll win UEFA), we've achieved plenty that will stand us in good stead for when we improve on this next year.

    About the reserves vs first team, I'm undecided, I don't know much of the reserve quality. However, I do think that tiredness is costing us at the moment and will start to do so in more significant ways. I don't for one second see Big Mart using the full team for the Watford game, and depending on how well we're doing for Braga he'll probably take off the likes of Lennon & Keane early on. I also think that at this rate Michael Dawson will feature in every game Spurs play for the rest of time.

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    • Have to agree re Dawson, looks like he'll certainly have to play every game this season (as long as he doesn't get injured of course).

      Even if we wanted to rest him we can't, luckily he doesn't look too tired.

      Bit worried about the central defense position against Braga and in the next round if we progress (which we should) - with king and gardener out and rocha cup tied that only leaves Dawson on his own with no partner!

      If he or Rocha get injured then in the Premiership and FA cup we've also got a problem.

      Hopefully we really are as versatile as Jol has been saying, King will probably be a while yet and Gardner looks like 6 weeks or so.

    • I know where your coming from but we are a big team so another season without a cup would be disappointing. Haven't won a cup in 8 years and that is poor for a team with our history. Being a Spurs and England fan is very stressful and am used to seein the team i support play well and then fall at the final hurdle so sorry for being so negative but sure i'm not the only one that feels this way. With spurs as well as england we win a few games and everyone gets all excited sayin we're gonna go all the way but to do that you need to be able to win against the big teams which we can't do. When do we ever beat the likes of Man utd, arsenal, liverpool? (would have said chelsea too but we have beaten them this season). Same with england we never beat the likes of france, brazil, portugal and until we can get results against these sort of teams we'll never win anything.

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      • I think we did great last season and we are doing better this season its only MJs second season in control and next season we will be even better.We are building a great team if we keep most of the players(4 exeptions) that we have now and buy a few new ones we will have a squad to match any of the so called top 4 teams.
        I think it is Happy Times at the Lane now.