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  • I strongly believe MJ should rest Berbatov for the Watford home match.
    I know we need to brace up our Premiership position, but if anything happens (God forbid) to Berbatov, our season is as good as over.
    Rest him on Saturday, and lethim champion our clash with Chelsea on Monday.
    What do you think?

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    • what a load of codsallop the spurs will be the new aresnal in the next three years werve sold only one of our players to a top club in the last 5 years micheal carrick and he wanted to go coz he is a journey man we made our profit on him and bought berbatov not a bad exchange . if we never made a bad start to the season we may have been challenging for a champions league place but we need a better and bigger squad for that liverpool play good football but under rafa they play well in europe but there players are getting older and crouch is just a nuisance player who is just utter crap thats why we sold him when he was younger

    • wont be hard to resist liverpool though will it. he's got better players around him at tottenham be them a little younger. Its plain for everyone in the premiership to see that our players can do magic things and have pace while liverpool can only hope for a counter goal. great manager though gets the old grafters organised so they're lack of talent doesn't embarrass them but as we mature a think liverpool are a long way behind. still, never no what they might spend that war chest on in the summer otherwise i'd say we're a dead cert to finish above them next year. COYS

    • i agree, rest him and give mido a good run out, which i think he could do with. I think berbs is the best striker in the prem and definately the signing of the year and i'm a bit worried he's that good that the like's of man u are going to start making inquiries about him unless we get him to sign a new long term deal which we should sort out asap! He is the best signing we have made in years but we need to keep him and the rest of the boy's together and i think if we can do that, trophy's will be just around the corner. COYS COYS COYS!

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      • Man U can make as much noise as they want, but he's still got 3 years left on his contract so unless the board do something remarkably stupid like sell him for the sake of a profit then he's staying for at least another year. We must be getting into Europe though to convince him to sign a new deal next season.

        Someone mentioned Huddlestone with his head down - poor lad's still learning, no one likes scoring an own goal but it happens. I think Lee had an attempt at trying to lift his spirits again and it must have worked - great pass for Berb's second goal.

    • the reason berbatov is playing so well is because him and jol had a barny 2 months ago and jol knocked him clean out with a uppercut at a training session then told berby when he came round that he would get the same every week unless he started justifying his price tag,i believe jol has now got his sights on that lazy fucker defoe next for a good fucking pasting.

    • I'd agree with that, providing Mido's fit enough to deputise in his place. I'd say let's have in on the bench anyway, just in case we're struggling to create anything in the final third.