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  • richard j richard j Mar 19, 2007 16:54 Flag

    Tonights Game

    Here we go with the predictions....
    Spurs 3 chelsea 2(maybe after extra time)

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    • i hear Mrs Abramovich is looking for a club just to spite her husband. she'd buy players just to piss him off and stop them going to chelsea.

      thats sounds familiar.

    • On taking a closer look at our demise yesterday, only one thing springs to mind - MJ - Mad Judgement - Martin Jol!!!
      The match would have been sewn up at Stamford Bridge if not for MJ.
      OK. No need crying over spilt milk, but I think our players need a change of attitude. We need to employ the services of a world rated sports psychologist!
      I think we only have a shrink to perform 30 minutes pep talk with the team before the match. This is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

      Can anyone tell me honestly why we come out for a game against the likes of Chelsea, Man-U and Arsenal with losers written all over?
      This is supposed to be a man-to-man game. Test of wit, strength, skill and stamina.
      I agree not all men have the same abilities, but go through a session with a world rated psychologist, and see yourself move the mountain.

      It is apparent that even prior to yesterday's match JM had his team all charged up with him even boasting of thrashing Spurs.
      He had his team up and ready, and full of confidence before the match.

      If Spurs can adopt this attitude, irrespective of our players' worth (compared to Chelsea), there'll be no competition match beyond our reach!

      If you observed closely yesterday's match, our boys only needed that touch of confidence to thrash Chelsea - because they displayed better skill. I didn't realize until last night that Chelsea really didn't have enough substance in them - just pushed by the value of their players and purse.

      I sincerely hope our players' psyche will be worked on, cos we have solid guys out there!!!

    • Whether we like it or not football has become a business industry. A team like Man U generated their income by marketing the Man U brand across the world, attracting investors on the stock exchange and being agressive in the transfer market. Chelsea got their money through an acquisition by a biger, multinational coporation of which Roman Abramovich is the owner.

      So, where do Spurs fit into all this? Well, we haven't marketed THFC across the world and so do not attract as many investors, and we certainly haven't being very agressive in the transfer market of late, tending to favour players with potential rather than the finished article (Berbs and Chimbon the exceptions this year). Nor have we been overtaken, although their are rumours that Daniel Levy wishes to sell - so we could be overtaken by anyone at anytime (providing we are seen as undervalued and a sound investment opportunity)

    • It's not my job to look closely at their accounts - I'm not their auditors. And I don't think Spurs fans should be quick to point the finger when in 1991 we were nearly bankrupted by Irvine Scholler and got done in 1994 retrospectively for dodgy dealings.

      And Man U are a perfect example - what Is hould have said was that they don't need a Russian billionnaire to rpovide unlmiited source of funds, and have relied on their organic growth and, as you said, buying and selling well to be where they are. I pointed out that for all the transfers we are where we are due to many years squandering money - using recent signings as examples, but remember Arsmtrong, Iversen, Nielsen, Fox, Wilson etc.

    • You can't really say that Man Utd haven't spent massive amounts of money to gain success.

      Yes they developed some home grown talent as the basis of the squad but they've also bought a lot of very expensive players, they might not have bought them all in the last 2 years but they've certainly spent very heavily.

    • Glen , man u are a very poor example and in my opinion what football should be about. They lived in the shadow of liverpool when i was a lad as you say but have struggled and bought and sold well and BUILT them selves up NOT BOUGHT.
      Your statement also was that Chelski can afford to , NO they cant they rely on a bottom less pit of money from a russian mafia man. If you look closely at their account you will see this.

    • Well how much money have we spent over the years? Who's to say what is too much to spend and what is ok? The reason Chelsea buy players for £20 million + is because a) they can afford it and b) other clubs know perfectly well they can addord it so bump up the price.

      To some clubs, the thought of shelling out £5 million, let alone £10 million is obscene, but they are still able to improve - Bolton & Everton spring to mind.

      Man U will probably win the title this year, and they didn't need to spend £200 million in 2 years in order to do so. We our financially capable of strengthening our squad on a yearly basis, bringing in big names and hidden potential, but we squander a lot of it on second rate players like Ghaly, Malbranque, Stalteri and Lee.

      It's not Abramovich's fault that we're still unable to break the Champions League mould.

    • how is it "shooting ourselves in our feet". Yes we have to play better but if one of there 30 million £ players are playing poorly they have another 3 30 mil players waiting to have a go.
      Yes we can try to compete and we have seen exciting flair footy at spurs in recent weeks something i have never seen from chavski.
      However if we just take the usual English approach and grin and bear and say nothing can be done NOTHING WILL BE DONE.
      It lies with the HIGER POWERS TO Give us back the SPORT in Football we all love... not who won the airplane lottery to pay for titles.

    • Also Chelsea's goal keeper made 2 decisive (world class) saves begining of 2nd half which could otherwise have changed things.

    • Many things can be said

      By Pointing out that Chelsea are billions ££ worths so they are bound to win is shooting ourself in the feet.

      We just have to stop moaning.... go and play football there.

      Yesterday's game was a repetition of Arsenal's carling cup final with Chelsea.

      Chelsea is a better team than Arsenal / Spurs cos they fight
      in defense / midfield / attacks.

      Spurs & Arsenal has impressed this year. Lets hope that they they will get better next season

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