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  • Dogstar Dogstar Mar 20, 2007 19:09 Flag

    Tonights Game

    Well how much money have we spent over the years? Who's to say what is too much to spend and what is ok? The reason Chelsea buy players for £20 million + is because a) they can afford it and b) other clubs know perfectly well they can addord it so bump up the price.

    To some clubs, the thought of shelling out £5 million, let alone £10 million is obscene, but they are still able to improve - Bolton & Everton spring to mind.

    Man U will probably win the title this year, and they didn't need to spend £200 million in 2 years in order to do so. We our financially capable of strengthening our squad on a yearly basis, bringing in big names and hidden potential, but we squander a lot of it on second rate players like Ghaly, Malbranque, Stalteri and Lee.

    It's not Abramovich's fault that we're still unable to break the Champions League mould.