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  • Erik Erik Mar 20, 2007 16:18 Flag

    Spurs behaving like Chelsea

    I was at the game last night. I thought we didn't really show up. We had a good 20-minute spell at the start and then another good 10-minutes at the start of the second half. And then everything else seemed to be Chelsea.

    Anyways, the point i was going to make was this... Do we really want our fans running out onto the pitch to try to assault players? That's not really the kind of behaviour you'd expect at White Hart Lane and I was quite shocked to see it. Besides, Lampard didn't really do more to aggrivate the fans than any of the other players. Drogba would have been a much better target. I guess he was scared of him and went for an easier target!!

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    • I was at the game also last night, first half I thought we just cancelled each other out. In my opinion Michael Dawson was outstanding, possibly the best game I've seen him play for us. Aaron Lennon was just wasted on the left, hes a right sided winger, simple as that. He kept trying to cut inside once he received the ball and it failed miserably. Berbatov was not there at all. In fact he didnt even try, possibly tiredness or the so called groin strain he was carrying. Keane was poor also, but cool as a cucumber he tucked his penalty away well. I also thought chimbonda played well and Ive been impressed with him all season. Difference was Chelseas defence were superb, they closed us down and didnt leave us get a sniff. Just goes to show you, with all their millions how valuable John terry is to them. Take him out of the equation then Chelsea are a beatable team. We had our chance last week, yes 3-1 and we fucked it up. But not us. Jol. Dont get me wrong, I like Jol, we have been playing some great football, scoring loads of goals, best manager we have had in years. But tacticaly he does fuck up a bit. But hopefully the man will learn from his mistakes, identify his errors and take us to the next level!

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      • Can't be too hard on Jol for the changes that let chelsea back in for the draw.

        Berbatov was injured and played longer than he maybe should have (Jol asked him to play another 15 mins or so after the break after Berbatov said he was struggling - reason being that he knew it was needed).

        The only other large striker we have who should be able to hold up the ball and let us get out of our box is Mido but he wasn't and isn't up to the job.

        We tried to sell him in January but pulled out as we wouldn't have been able to get a replacement in time, he'll go in the summer I expect and while he did OK in the 1st season he's not looked that sharp so far this year (has been injured a bit though).

        When we took off Lennon as well in the first match we had no-one left who could get the ball out of our half and give us some time to resettle, unfortunately that was required so he wouldn't be too tired against Braga.

        In all honesty we should have been able to hold out against Chelsea with a two goal lead.

        Gardner was at fault for the 3rd goal I think as he was easily beaten in the air by Drogba and he's much smaller than Gardner. Apparently Gardner had a fractured fibula by that point though so I'm sure than didn't help his concentration or ability to play well.

        At the end of the day we're not in the FA cup anymore and there's no point going over it any more, we ARE however still in the UEFA cup and that's always been a priority for me and probably Jol. With any luck we'll be more rested so we can do the business in the next UEFA game and in the league (can't rely on winning it for our place next season).

    • We accept that we lost, that's obvious.

      Unfortunately on the night we just couldn't get enough of the ball and that's exactly as I expected (chelsea played ultra tight and defensive expecting to edge out a tight match, which they did).

      We weren't really dominated or anything we just got caught by two silly goals - the first I still think was meant as more of a cross (didn't look up at any point), but either way it was well struck and Robinson had no chance.

      The second really came because our midfielders sat off them for too long and because of that Dawson pushed up from defense to past the middle of our half to put a tackle in, the ball then quickly came back at us before he was back in position and they scored again.

      Lennon was very effectively marked out of the game and Berbatov was well marked as well, Chelsea were lucky on a few occasions where the ball would get stuck under our feet in the box with an unlucky bounce etc but overall we didn't create enough to win. Not disputing that.

      If chimbonda had made better contact at the start of the first half to give us a 1-0 lead or if we'd got the goal back sooner who knows if we could have got another. The chelsea defender should have been sent off of course but I'm not sure it would have made that much of a difference.

      On a more positive note for us we DID outplay you in the first leg and only with Berbatov going off injured did you draw that one, Mido was completely useless at holding the play up which lead to the eventual 3rd goal for you. 5-4 over two games isn't bad for a young team still learning against an experienced Chelsea team that probably cost getting on for half a half a billion to buy.

      We need to concentrate on the league to gaurantee European football next year and losing this match will allow us to focus on the next UEFA game which I always considered the priority, only by doing well in Europe will we attract better players.

    • Are we not allowed to discuss it than Danny?

      Poor show from you today.

    • I think the problem with SPurs fans in general is that we still see the games against Arsenal & Chelsea as the defining moments of our season - the atmosphere is always so tense and it rubs off on the players. Some of our fans still see pelting the shit out opposing fans as a "victory" regardless of the result of the match.

      I'm sure many of us have had fantasies over what we'd like to Lampard - especially after his inept performances and petulant behaviour post-World Cup. But no fan should come onto the pitch and attack a footballer.

    • I wouldn't usually condone that sort of behaviour but seen as who the player was he was tryin to hit I wish he had practised his aim a bit more before the game. Would have been a great end to a horrid game. and for the record spurs were useless last night, not one of the players showed up

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      • I thought you couldn't fault Chimbonda, Dawson and Zokora. Jenas also worked hard, but the 2 biggest dissapointments were Lennon & Berbatov, I'm afraid to say. Maybe the occassion got to Lennon, maybe Berbatov was still carrying a groin injury, but they were largely ineffective when we needed them to step up to the challenge. On 2 occassions each they both showed their quality, creating openings for us and I thought "why couldn't they do that for the rest of the game?".

        But, it wasn't to be. Let's not forget exactly why Chelsea have been Champions for 2 years and still on contention this year - they are a well-organised, strong and professional outfit with World Class players. They were too good for us last night - we had out chance at Stamford Bridge and blew it.