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  • How much is that ref being paid?????

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    • Ask Sevilla!

      I can't believe what I watched tonight. That ref is a complete embarrassment. If he thinks that playing the ball and then making contact with the player is a foul then the game would never get going. there would be fouls called after every tackle.

      And what was with the decision to give a drop ball when the ball had gone out for a corner to us? The ball was out of play so you can't give a dropball. The ref wasn't watching and yet again made himself look incompetent. I've sent an email to UEFA complaining about it. I know that it won't do any good but I had to get the anger out of my system. It didn't work though, i'm still bloody fuming!

      I think Spurs can win 1-0 next week and go through. would love for us to tank them 3 or 4 nil to rub it in to the diving cheating Sevilla players who went down as if they'd been shot at every opportunity.


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      • What email address did you send it to? I'd like to do the same, as would pretty much everybody I know. I'm absolutely livid about it.

        I'd just like to say thanks to all the non-spurs fans who have left messages of support here, there was no way the team could play against refereeing like that & it's nice to see supporters of the game coming together with stuff like this.

        I think the violence deserves a mention... I don't know what happened, I don't know who was to blame... I don't really care. Spurs "fans" were ripping up chairs and throwing them at police. Regardless of the situation that's unacceptable. I do think the police will have a lot to answer for when the investigation's done, but the supporters aren't blameless, even if they acted in retalliation. It's disappointing to see violence in the game and I don't think we should make excuses for it.

        I love to think that we've got a 100% sporting team, and that all the fans are fans for that reason and so act in the same good natured way, but that's just not true. Some are nasty and violent and overreact, the same as for any team, and these people should not have their actions condoned by other fans because of frustration on the pitch.

        ... Or so I think anyway.

      • I hope you win the second leg with a bucketful of goals. That dodgy penalty changed the whole game and the ref`s excuse has got to be one of the most pathetic ever.

    • mate, he is having a shocker. must have a large wad in his gucci suit pocket