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  • Adrian Adrian Apr 11, 2007 05:52 Flag

    Predictions-Spurs v Seville?

    If King is fit to play again then that'll be VERY good news, HOWEVER we must remember that he hasn't played a competetive game for months and may not be as sharp as usual.

    They're a decent side and I still think it's likely they'll score one but if we keep pushing them we may be able to hold them off (just hope we don't score an early goal then try and sit back for the rest of the game, it'd be suicide).

    That said if King comes back, gets through the game ok and we go through I'll be a very happy man. Would be great to have him back for the later european games and the premiership run in, should definately get a european place if that happens - always look so much more solid with him playing.

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