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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 12, 2007 18:39 Flag

    Predictions-Spurs v Seville?

    My nerves are starting to kick in now... I thought we'd win it no problems - if we'd been able to get into the game last week we would've had them (still angry about the refereeing), we were by far the better team, so in theory this should be a walk in the park. However, with everyone else being so cautious I'm starting to Feel the Fear, particularly with the zero defence back up.

    I see no reason why we can't turn them over. I seriously think we can see 4-1 or similar (we won't keep a clean sheet, we've had one in the last 11 games), we are a better team, but anything could happen tonight.

    As I said before, in my head we've already lifted the cup, this is just going through the motions.