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  • MARK MARK Apr 13, 2007 05:34 Flag

    pleat can see it by jol sits there pondering

    i think it was obvious 2 everyone that after the 2 early goals something radical had to happen. pleat can see it and so can most other people. amazingly he brings on defoe with 27 minutes left on the clock. also he left genus on and took off a player making dangerous runs.

    jol has had his chance and the majority of his buys have been uninispiring until berbatov came along. lennon needs to be told to provide more opportunities by playing the ball quicker.for me the midfield is letting down a brilliant strikeforce. spurs could be a top 4 team if they had the right creative players. its a shame the midfield dont have keans passion. but seville with the stupid penalty and flukey own goal were lucky to get through.

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    • I think the midfield needs new faces, get rid of the likes of Murphy, jenas and malbranqe who are mid table team players and bring in some quality creative midfielders.... Like Diego or go back in for Van Bommel or kallstrom. We keep talking about young english talent but its the european teams with european player who are successful

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      • I never used to rate Jenas, until I saw how the time he was injured this season paralleled our shocking form. As soon as he came back (and got something like 5 goals in 6 games) our form lifted. I don't notice it on the pitch, but I think he's one of those players that has a bigger team effect than individual. And we've got to keep that.

        In complete shock about last night. I couldn't watch it, but I didn't think it'd matter too much because our far superior quality would win out and I'd enjoy the semis more. I still don't really believe it.

        I agree that sometimes Jol can be infuriating with his tactics, & I'm really annoyed that Defoe's not been getting more of a go when he's been in form every time he's played lately, but you seem to be implying we should get rid of him & I can't think of a bigger mistake. He's brought the team together as a team, & we're improving all the time with him. He's also done some great skills work & mini set pieces with the players, he seems to work to a smaller scale. Perhaps they need to bring in someone to remind him of the bigger picture sometimes, but for the first tiem in a long time we're becoming the team we used to be, what would be the point in losing the man who did that?

    • I'm not a spurs fan and therefore don't watch them that often --- but I just don't get Jenas?? how does he start week in week out?? Am i missing something?