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  • me me Apr 13, 2007 08:43 Flag

    Whatever u do, don't knock Jol.....

    Thanks to Jol, we are a more consistant side now, we are a top six side, have had a successful run in europe and our performances in general have been good. Our team is full of internationals, many of which represent our country and Im happy to say we have been responsible for some of the most entertaining games this season. Under Jol, we have also gained respect and adopted fans from other major clubs, people want to watch Spurs now and thats a great thing to be a part of.

    Keeping Jol at the helm is a sign of consistancy and longevity and in time will bring huge success, he's achieved more here in his first two seasons than Alex ferguson did at Man U in his first four!

    Under Jol we will become a great team again, Im sure of that.

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    • well said dont knock jol.... im a liverpool fan and some ov our fans are saying rafa is killing us but i beleave stupid ppl like them dont surport football a manger can only do so much and i think jol has turned the corner with spurs it wont belong b4 use will be playing in the c.l

    • True, then Abramovich sacked Ranieri and brought in Mourinho, and the rest is history. :)

      We are certainly better than 3 years ago. Long may our improvement continue. Jol has my full support for another year, but I want to see results, dammit!! ;)

    • the door at MacDonalds more like after he's finished his lunch break....

      Tee off my arse. I'll have a Big Mac and fries, the same for Alfy, Tinkers and friends. Keep flippin' those burgers son....

    • And why the fuck shouldn't we knock jol? No one is infallible. Let's look at the record of late:

      Arsenal in Carling Cup - go 2-0 up and sit back for 70 mins, end up 2-2. Lacked invention and composure in second leg and lost 3-1.

      Chelsea in FA Cup - go 3-1 up, take off best 2 players, bring on gardner, end up 3-3. Lose second leg.

      Sevilla - rush back Ledley King who took a while to get goingt (by which time we had conceded 2 goals). Play Chimbonda at left back and Tainio right back?? When has he ever played there??? He BOUGHT Malbranque who has NEVER been that good, certianly NOT against big teams. He BROUGHT OFF Zokora who was the only one doing anything in midfield. He WAITED until 62 mins before bringing on Defoe when we needed FOUR FUCKING GOALS!!

      So, sorry, but Martin Jol IS to blame. He is tactically naive and he lacks that big game mentality, and it filters through the team. Why is it Chelsea and Arsenal can approach these games professionally and come out victorious whereas we still bottle it? Forget Arsenal's performances this season, they still manage to beat us and are still likely to finish in Chmapions League place.

      These days, you can;t wait 4 seasons to be able to do somethign. Players won't want to stick around for that. Jol needs to show some bottle and get rid of the shit we have at the club - Malbranque, Ghaly, Stalteri, Gardner, Murphy, Mido (not good enough) - bring in PROPER left-sided players that are PROVEN on the European stage. But more importantly, he needs to motivate the team to work their guts off the rest of the season tos ecure a European place, otherwise we may end up looking at a few seasons in the wilderness again.

    • Im not knocking him, but weve been in some great positions recently, 2 nil up to the goons in the league cup, 3-1 up to the soviets in the fa cup, quarter of the uefa, and we blow it. Martin has exceeded the achievements of lots of predessors (not hard in some cases), yet i feel with more belief and tactical awareness we could have achieved more. Im bored of hearing "we've done well to get here" line, I truly believed we would get to a final this year. Thats credit to Jol, cos i havent had that belief for at least ten years, but what im saying is Martins got to believe that too, hes got to realise we deserve to in the mix, then we might start to eat away at the big four.

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      • "we deserve to be in the mix" !!!! on what basis do you deserve that then? Wake up mate, because you have obviously been dreaming. You were sure you were going to get a final were you, again on what basis ???

        Berbatov is the only bit of top quality in the Spurs team. Without a doubt a top quality player who deserves to be playing in finals, and it won't be long before he gets that chance with another club.

        Jol is a good manager and I rate him as a bloke. He will go to a bigger club too and it won't be long. Top clubs in Spain and Italy, or back in Holland will definitely come calling soon, and he will go because he knows that he truly deserves better....