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  • me me Apr 23, 2007 08:11 Flag

    Who here rates Robinson?

    The more I see of this guy the worse he gets, I'm supprised he's lasted this long....I remember thinking how shit he was at leeds, back in the late 90's! Ok so he'll make the occassional great save, but what really concerns me is how many times weve conceded goals from long range shots this season. His covers been blown, lets sell him while we still can.

    Sorry Robbo, but it's true.....COYS.

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    • Doing some research, we've never been brilliant at defending..

      Goal Difference from 2000 season onwards:
      00-01 = -7
      01-02 = -4
      02-03 = -11
      03-04 = -10
      04-05 = 6
      05-06 = 15
      06-07 = -1*

      What does this say? Well, Robbo joined in May 04, so you figure it out, he can't be that bad!!

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      • What exactly does that show?

        Our defence was well and truly shocking in 2001-2004 with the likes of Doherty and Richards playing at centre back, whereas King was playing more as a holding midfielder. We also had Sullivan and Keller as our goalies, both were not up to standard.

        How is it we go from +15 to -1 in 1 season? It's not just down to the loss of King, because even when fit we've been conceding sloppy goals, largely coming from the goalkeeper. Our defence suffers because they feel they are under more pressure to deal with imminent danger, rather than rely on the goalie to make the save or cut out the cross.

    • True, Robbo needs to get a bit more lean and perhaps he may be able to move a bit quicker! But it could be worse! Have a look at what else is available, Robbo starts to look quite good then..............we could have some old German knacker instaed! Least we show faith in home grown palyers!