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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 23, 2007 18:37 Flag

    The Problem with Lennon...

    ...Is that for a great player he doesn't make much of an impact. At the start of the season I was a little disappointed by him, but thought that maybe I was being unfair & expecting too much because of all the hype around him last summer. However, he seems to be becoming less and less of a presence as time goes on. He appears to be stuck to the touchline & his little runs look less frequent and less impressive than before.

    And I can't work out why. I can't figure out if I'm being harsh (but I don't think so), if it's tactics used, or if he's just not living up to the expectations & the credit given to him. I know he is heavily marked, and he still has his occasional flights of wonder (his work with Keane in our home game to Chelsea this season is etched into my brain forever), but I've been thoroughly disappointed by his performances. Marking didn't seem to be an issue Saturday but he was completely ineffective.

    What do you think (football fans only, if you're just gonna bitch I really don't want to hear it)?

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    • I completely agree......I can only go on the games that ive seen this season, ive been to the last five home games and was hoping the likes of Lennon would impress my dad who is unfamiliar with this current squad of players. Sadly this didn't happen.....up untill the end of last summer, lennon used to be able to beat his man 10/10 times, now its more like 5/10, he looks tired...mind you he looked good comming off the bench yesterday to set up Keane...more of that please!


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      • So the fact that players double up on him now because his pace scares other teams sh1tless and this creates space for others makes him not so effective?

        Can't say I agree with much of what is said here, apart from the fact that he will inevitably be tired.

        He has experienced the left flank and cutting in field this year to improve his options, and that will serve Spurs well for as long as they keep him, so be a little more positive about him folks and enjoy him while we have him!

    • think he's tired thats all. also it does appear the whole team is knackered as the first half always looks good. think we need to rest 'em. long ol season