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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really May 8, 2007 19:18 Flag

    Berbatov will he stay or will he go

    I just don't see him going. Carrick was different, he's grown up in England & so will have different goals, but Berbatov knew what he was coming to when he joined us, & he seems to be enjoying being the hero for now. Maybe if he feels like he's not achieving enough this time next year he'd go, but he seems content for now.

    As for Barton, if anyone can tame him it's Big Mart, I'm just not sure whether he'd want to...

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    • You lot crack me up!
      You seem to forget berby WAS playing champions league football before he signed for us. What would you prefer as a professional footballer, be a champions league also ran or seriously compete in the uefa cup and possibly win it?
      We werent the only club to go in for him from germany (man utd, newcastle, villa and the scum ) yet he still chose us.
      He likes the direction were going in and he loves the fans, team mates and manager.

      Besides hes under contract for 4 more years so if we dont want him to go anywhere then he isnt! SIMPLE! Many of you will say that our board couldnt refuse the likes of £20/25/30 million but they saw how dis-jointed and out of shape we were when we sold Carrick. It took us too long to re-organise after he left and it was that period that ruined any hopes of a 4th spot! They know they cant risk that again!

      In my opinion Murphy, Mido , Malbranque, Assou-Ekotto and Ghaly out.
      Darren Bent, Gamst-pedersen, Wayne Bridge/Leighton Baines, Anton Ferdinand and Phil Jagielka in. That solves all our left sided problems and gives us plenty of cover for our injury prone players.
      As for That rent boy Barton, hes a good player but nowhere near good enough to justify his attitude issues. We want people talking about our players footballing abilities, not how they act like spoilt rich chavs! MJ probably could "tame" him but why waste time on that when he should be winning us trophies.

      C O Y S