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    hossam ghally, what a tosser

    ok, i can understand his frustration, but come on that's open disrespect, not only should he be fined the maximum allowed he should also be kicked out of the club, we don't need people like him unsettling others.

    i'm pissed off about what he did, because i honestly think he could, over time, be a good player, but we should have no time for this sort of behaviour

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    • It seems yahoo! doesn't take too kindly to anyone being referred to as the "c" word, as my description of him on another thread has been deleted and I issued a warning. :(

      I apologise if I offended anyone during my outburst, but I was still gobsmacked by his behaviour from last night and wondering how on earth he can be considered a professional footballer.

      Usually I try and avoid using the "c" word, or at least censor it out, but emotions got the better of me.

      In short, I blame Ghaly for getting me reported. ;)

    • I don't think he is even good enough to clean the shirt, let alone wear it. We don't need players like him at the club, we play better when we have JJ, Zokora, Tainio and Lennon as our midfield anyway, but we need to strengthen it in case of injuries because I don't rate Malbranque highly, either.

      Huddlestone will hopefully become the player Carrick was and maybe more, Taraabt looks promising and what news on Ziegler?? What we need is some rel quality on that left-hand side and I think we should table a bid for Pedersen, even if it costs £15million.

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      • I've wanted Pederson at spurs for the last 2 or 3 seasons, he's exactly the type of player we need on the left (much better than downing) we need someone with a left foot on the left!

        Pederson scores good goals, can cross really well (as shown yesterday), doesn't drift inside all the time like our right footed players tend to when on the left and has lots of premiership experience + european experience.

        Now Blackburn can't get into Europe through the league we should offer Blackburn a decent price and hope the player is perpared to move to London. Hopefully he'll realise what a difference he'd make at spurs and therefore how good a team we'd be / what he could maybe win with us etc.

        Would probably be my number 1 target to be honest over the summer.

      • what did ghaly do? apart from being crap i didnt see what he said/did

        pedersen right on. he's the man. £15mil is realistic. imagine the crosses for berb and keane. lennon on the right. scare the sh*t out of any opponents.

        Until players sign up i dont think any manager will say who they want cos of chelseas billions. remember SWP etc. Players bought to stop others buying. Unfair but it'll happen again. if you buy the competition then its a totally unfair league. it'll be scotland like