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    Decent signing...but where is the left sider?

    Whether or not you think Bent is a good signing (an i do) you have to wonder about the use of money.

    I understand it is to be paid in installments so the initial hit wont be as big as the £16.5 million suggest, but it is still a considerable chunk.Now when you consider that we seem set to (correctly) bolster the central defence with Kaboul for c. £6million, you've got to wonder where the money for a quality left sided player is coming from?!

    Everyone knows that we need a true left winger/left back if Bale is playing wing. Spurs need to offload a few from Gardner, Murphy,Ghaly, and obviously Mido. Also it'd be great to keep Defoe to partner Bent (arent they good friends anyway?)

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    • i think the management have high hopes for tarrabt but i don't know if its too early for next season or not, i suppose if we don't get a left winger in before pre-season then he should be given a chance but i heard we were going to put bale on the left wing which would suggest that we will keep with lee or ekotto at left back but who knows what to believe from the press! personally i would like bale at left back with pedersen on the left wing! anyway if we keep everyone together we will be definately top 4 next season, COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Left sided player coming up.


      So who would we like.

    • I think the plan is to sell defoe for £12m or so, and upgrade from a player who seems a little odd-man-out up front for us for someone a bit younger, less selfish, and who may fit in with our team a little better.

      If this is the case, a net layout of 4-5 mil doesn't seem so bad after all.

    • yeah exactly,what about a left sided midfielder& what now for defoe.personally id rather keep defoe than have brought bent,but are the board planning for next season! i hope im wrong. c.o.y.s.

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      • I have listen, hated, loved and tried to understand what Jol is up to, this guy in a Spurs man. Make no mistake, He's a Dutchman, and we need to give him the trust in a European system. This man is setting us up for Europe, we are 5th in England, just behind Arsenal.......Bent and the rest of Spurs on the field are fastly becoming the best in England.


    • Man United fan here. Although 16.5mil sounds a lot for Bent, he's one of the best young english strikers out there. I'd have been happy to see him at United (we'll probably end up linked with him for double what you paid by the end of next season lol).

      He has a good scoring record at every level he's played at, can lead the line on his own, has decent pace and movement, and could propell Spurs into the Champions League. If that happens, people will conveniently forget his fee.

      It's good to see clubs willing to invest in British talent and Spurs have landed themselves a very good prospect

    • Owen for £9m would have been a better bet, could have chucked milner or duff in as well & still had change!

    • I think the left sided problem could definitley be solved by signing Wright-Phillips who we have recently been linked with. If not him then maybe play Bale in that space with assou-ekkotu behind (sorry if spelling wrong)

      Dont forget we have the likes of Tarrbat and Dervitte in the Reserves. Did anyone read the review saying tarrbat was going to be the new Zidane. Is he that good?

      I maybe thought there was going to be space for Routledge this season. Jol has done good work with playing Lennon on the left. The boy will be able to play anywhere soon. Just needs to improve his finishing/crossing.

      What you think?

    • hahahaha - £16.5 million - that's so going to upset the other players in the team, resentments going fcuk you up this season - mark my words!

    • I agree we shouldn't have spent so much on a striker when we already possess a great strike force (one which scored a hell of a lot of goals last season).

      After we buy either Kaboul or Curtis Davies I doubt we'll have much left for a left-sider. However, if we were to sell a couple of fringe players (and I'm grimly resigned to losing Defoe) we should be able to afford one more quality player this Summer. A playmaker for the middle would be my choice. Sneijder would be perfect and would make a huge difference.

      By the looks of things we already have the left-side fixed. Bale for either left-back or left-mid (versatile), 2 average left backs (BAE & Lee), another young left-back (the highly-rated kid we bought yesterday, I think... Berchiche?) and, most importantly, we've sealed the deal for Taraabt. It strikes me Jol sees potential in this kid and, judging from what we've glimpsed of him so far he could be another Lennon, again, snatched on the cheap.