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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jun 29, 2007 17:59 Flag

    Decent signing...but where is the left sider?

    I think it's a massive waste of money. I like Bent, but I don't £16.5m like him, and he's not what the team needs. If it was me, I'd aim to keep Berb, Keane & Defoe as our top 3, and bring in someone young on the cheap to fill the fourth spot, someone who's happy to warm the bench for a bit while they're learning from Berbatov and who might just provide a spark for future great things.

    I'd then spend the money I'd saved bolstering the famous left side & defence (although not too much to defence as a whole, perhaps even a little weeding in the Gardner area), and maybe bringing in a purely attacking midfielder to work more with the top 2 strikers.

    But I've not had a career in the game, and don't have the wisdom of Big Mart. Perhaps he has a plan mere mortals like me can't comprehend; I'd like to think so.

    We shouldn't expect too much from Bale too early, he still needs a chance to develop & fully learn the game. He's definitely part of a team for the future. A variety of ages & experience would be good on the left - there's nothing wrong with bringing in an old man for a couple of years to be an example for the generally young team we have.

    The board do seem to have a LOT of cash to splash around at the moment, I think Mr Levy's making a statement about being in it for the long run, which is nice. I just hope there are one or two of Jol's shrewd bargains coming up too, it'd be a nice finish to the summer.