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  • Matthew Matthew Jun 30, 2007 05:21 Flag

    If Liverpool or Man utd want defoe shouldn't we keep him?

    Now that Darren Bent has arrived at the lane finally! it has been heavy publicised that jermain could be leaving the lilly whites. Liverpool and Utd have reportedly both shown interest. Now to me if a player is good enough to play for the winners and 3rd place team in the premirship isnt he good enough to keep? i still think we need to off load a stricker cough mido cough cough but if we want to be a top 4 side we need a bench with the strength of a player like defoe. it seems silly to sell a perfectly good striker who has proven himself not only in the premirship but in the team. i for one hopes that MJ sees sence and keeps JD.

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    • Bent is not a backup though. He is a starting player for other competitions.
      He has not been bought on the off chance we will need him if berba gets injured or needs to be subbed. He is a first team player in his own right but you will see him starting more outside the premiership than in it.

      It means we don’t have to ware out all our players in masses of games and also that we don’t have to field a "weaker" side in ANY game!

    • Forgot to mention...Defoe says he's happy at Spurs and is looking forward to fighting for his spot in the first team. Good on ya Jermaine!

    • I like the way you think "takemetothepub"...but do you spend a club record on a back up? Not logical in my book. Jol has a fantastic dilemma, let's hope he gets it right.

    • I would keep him, if we want to compete in all tournaments and then theres injury......

    • hasnt defoe pledged his future to the lane?, even after bents capture im sure he wants to fight for his place. But then we have Perkert as back up.


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      • Well, I think Defoe signed on until 2010...but that hasn't stopped Keane (Roy) from putting in a 9 mil bid for him. I hate to say it, but I doubt that Defoe is at The Lane come season's opening.

        Here's a guy who has aspirations to play for England, he isn't going to get much chance to show his stuff while sitting on the bench, is he?

        I was happy when we got him, and I'll be disappointed to see him go, but I think Jol sent a message when he picked up Darren Bent. Who else in the league has 4 strikers that could start on better than 90% of the teams in the Prem? No one, that's who...and we're about to join them when Defoe leaves.

        As for Mido, well, reports say he's not happy with his role, and we all know how Mido goes when he's not happy! But we do need cover for Berbo.

        It'll be interesting to see how Jol rotates his forward line this coming season. Berbs and Keano would seem to be a lock for starting positions, but when you've just dropped a record amount on another forward, you don't just sit him on the bench, do you?

    • That's a dangerous logic - surely the reverse is that the likes of smith are good enough for us as he is a 'top 4' player. I'd rather not...

      In all honesty with the scousers I'd take Kuyt and that's about it - crouch and bellamy? No ta!

      I think it's more likely down to the contract issues or style of play. It may also be that we intend to use all 4 - Mido popped up 25 times last season and I think Jol may want to rest Berbatov more next season.

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      • I hope so, I think he's proved himself time and time again,I lost count of the number of times in the last season he came on as a sub and scored. However, according to the rumour mill half the premiership teams have shown some interest, and I don't think that kind of attention appears for a player who's definitely staying (unless they've got - e.g. - Berb's touches of brilliance). I hate to say it, but I really don't think the odds are in our favour.