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  • If he goes to Chelski, where does that leave us on the right side (remember, it wasn't too long ago that we were whinging on about both or flank stoppers, we then got Chim-Chim and calmed down a bit...until it was plainly obvious that everyone in the Prem knew we had a left-side weakness).

    Kaboul is a central defender, I would imagine cover for Ledley at this point...so, who takes the right back spot? We might find ourselves in the opposite situation this year, especially if we get a left-winger (who's left footed).

    Chimbonda seems to be a right mercenary (he basically told Wigan that they were just a stepping stone for him to get to a bigger club...it looks like we're just another rung in his "ladder to the top". At 12mil though, that woulld be tidy profit, and I can't see us not letting him go for that.

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