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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Jul 14, 2007 15:22 Flag

    whos going

    does anyone know of any last minute deals that will go through for our players leaving. cant help but feel with all the new lads coming in , maybe martin jol will have a clear out. levy is known for wanting profit.

    was thinking about rumours on chimbo, defo, ghaly and mido

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    • A tabloid says the brums want ghaly think if we sign boateng then let him go. Hes ok but not a top 4 player.think hudds has to stay hes gonna be a great player just needs to mature. Lennon ,zakora , tanio,malbranque are certs jenas maybe he can win games. Remember everton last minute.

      murphy,lee,mido can go get some of the money back from this summer spends.

      what ever gos on it gonna be a great season.

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      • Baloo...ease of the caps key!

        Looks like we're dumping our Eygptian players (Ghaly and Mido). Mido to Villa and Ghaly to Brum (well, they're both Brum aren't they???). Good luck to them both if that's what happens. I'd rather we kept Ghaly...he has potential, and I think he wants to stay despite his antics toward the end of last season (he apologized, but I think the media want to make it seem as if theirs some lingering animosity between him and Jol). Mido...well, it seems as though he needs motivation; when he was on loan to us, he had something to prove, once we picked him up he seem to shrink (literally)...then the injuries came (probably those guys dishing out some payback for all the stick he dished out the season before!).

        Tainio has had some injuries and doesn't seem to have the bite he used to have...Murphy...why? And I mentioned before that Huddlestone signed a new contract during the season, so I doubt that we're letting him go anywhere.

        As far as our strikers...well IF Defoe stays and doesn't get something approaching regular 1st team football, then he'll be gone by the January transfer window (don't want him to but the pounds and pence would make sense, plus he'd have a shot at a featured roll (though he'd have to go to a non-Europe bound team for that...with the exception of Blackburn if they win the inter-toto, though I'm not sure they could afford him. If Newcastle lose Martins they'd be after Defoe...Villa both Mancs,and Pompey are also interested).

        I think there's going to be some craziness happening in the transfer market just before the start of the season.

    • It seems strange what with our large basket off midfielders that we may be selling a defender! Gardner has done well when needed and is still backup that we may need if we want to rest players during cup games.

      I am surprised we havent heard any rumours of our midfielders leaving E.g Ghaly. I dont even think i can remember all of our players at the mo.

      Tainio, jenas, hudds, zokora, malbranque, tarabat, lennon, murphy, ghaly, and now this new 'ghetto kid' ahh its too much wheres the left footer....?

      We couldnt be anymore lop sided.!!

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      • I'd say that zokora, huddlestone, lennon, taarabt, and boateng (if he's actually signed!) will stay for sure, and we will listen to offers for a couple of the rest. Personally I'd hang onto tainio - his tenacity can come in handy. Murphy will go, and the rest are a bit of a muchness - good enough for now but unable to take us up a notch.

        As for the left footer - there's a lot of summer to go yet!

      • Well Ziegler's gone and he was a left sider!

        Murphy should go - a panic buy and complete waste of money.
        A lot of people want Ghaly to leave and his outburst towards the end of last season was totally out of order but don't mind if he stays personaly.
        Malbranque has the talent but didn't show it often enough last season.
        Jenas was a disappointment last season - gave the ball away far to often and would sometimes 'go missing' for periods of a match (not something you can do in the centre of midfield).
        Tainio gives his best but ultimately I don't think he's good enough to stay long term if we want to be a top club.

        There's also Routledge who I don't think will be with us come the start of the season and there was rumours that Hudds would be leaving which I hope are untrue.