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  • matt matt Jul 17, 2007 15:21 Flag

    SWP + Petrov

    Spurs on the verge of signing SWP and Martin Petrov!


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    • Funny to see that with all the money Chelsea have they are still scared S**T less to sell SWP to us as we would prove to be competition in the future.


    • Value for money is a tough thing to get in football, but I don't think we're doing that badly this summer. Bent is the only breathtaking fee, and that has been exaggerated in the press.

      SWP is a safe bet, even if a little overpriced at 12mil, but roman has started demanding some cash back in the transfer market. He is ultimately a known quantity, we know he can perform in our league, something you cannot say of, say, torres, who may ultimately fail to adapt. We are short of talent on the flanks (which reading it back has an apt double meaning) so fresh options would be useful. We may get better for less if we shop around overseas, but if would be a far greater gamble.

    • If true, then thats 50 million plus more spent on new players. If true, it also means a little added pressure to Jol. I hope he takes it on the chin and drags this club kicking and screaming into the top 4. with or without the above mentioned.

      theres a big gap between us and 3rd and 4th(IMHO). Theres an even bigger gap to 2nd and 1st. We just need to beat Arsenal. It has to be the sign that things are changing.

      One things for sure, we are closing in on them.

      WOuld like not to add to Jols pressure but what a team that would be. Im going mention trophies...no im not. dont wanna curse it

    • That's a fair point!

      I suppose my concern really isn't the money we are spending but what we are getting for it. I'm all for us building a squad that contains strength in depth but believe we could get more for our money than SWP (or the same quality for less cash).

      This is the beauty of football though - as a supporter you can have your opinion but you don't pick the team or run the club. Overall so far I think that Levy and Jol have done a good job and long may it continue. COYS.

    • I don't think it's an issue revolving around cover players - it's about the depth of the squad. Next season should be in excess of 50 games again, and we can't expect lennon to play in them all. The teams above us, who's places we covet, have quality in depth - liverpool have alonso, mascherano, gerrard and sissoko competing for the places in the middle. We need to be able to rest our very best players without seriously compromising the quality of the team, and need the players to make effective substitutions.

    • It hasn't happened yet. Lots of gossip in them papers - that's how they sell them.

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      • I'm not complaining at all but where has all this money come from? Far as i can remember we havn't spent much more than NET 10m in the close season.

        Done Deals: Bale 10m Bent 16.5m Kaboul 8m
        Apparent Done deals: SWP 12m Petrov 8m and Boateng 5.5m

        Total: 60 MILLION POUNDS !!!!!!

        I really think if we get the last 3 only mass injuries could stop us from a top 4 finish. COYS!!!

    • That'd do the job!