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  • Greetings yids!

    Just thought i'd drop by and say i WISH we had Shrek managing our club, this guy is building a winning squad in the tradition of our own greats Bob and Bill.

    In fact i am so impressed with the way things are shaping up at the Lane i am even considering switching allegiance from the "Costa del Kop" to Spurs after 30 years as a red.

    If you can sort out your defence and add a true left wing and a holding midfielder i am predicting a top four finish for Spurs ahead of us!

    You need to make a stand and start winning some trophies, it's NOW or never my friends... i'll be watching.


    P_S_F... a legend on the Liverpool board :)

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    • Don't even worry about who other people support. Support your team and enjoy it. I recall going to Stamford Bridge when we were in the "second division" and still having a great time. Supporting anybody else never entered my mind.

    • While Jol is a massive factor in our revival, think we've got to give some credit to levy and comolli behind the scenes.

      Liverpool could well be there for the catching - every summer they splash out on a bunch of players but far too often the ones that come from spain flop, but still they come. Think we've got better value for money than rafa every summer since he arrived, to be honest.

    • Well that comment is certainly surprising.But i must say i agree ith most of it.All the talk has been about us swapping places with the Arse,but i feel that the Pool will be the ones( if anyone is) to fall out of the top 4 this season.
      This post has (undertandably)caused a stir on the Pools site with many ramblings about what a great manager Rafa is.
      I firmly beleive that Bent will prove to be a better signing than Torres whom i think will struggle in the Premiership.

    • watcha PSF. I see your fine work on the liverpool board, always welcome here mate.

      some of the liverpool fans are a bit angry with your truthful words.

      Your team is turning rather spanish. like arsenal with no english backbone it seems that you need that to be successful and repeatedly successful over many years in the premier league. I would love to win the CL like you guys did but i always think that the league is the most important as we all know its a marathon not a sprint and it shows your teams true worth. Good luck paisley. keep up the good work. ALways entertaining bud

    • He,He. This guy has certainly ruffled some feathers on the LFC board!
      What I will say is this. I firmly believe that it is not a top 4 any more, it is a top five - and the rest of the premiership had better get used to it.
      A strong Tottenham squad is is not only good for the premiership, but it is also good for English football, with the game as it should be played, a skillful passing game played at pace.